Let’s find a way, together

We help people of all ages to discover freedom and independence, regardless of ability. 

Tomcat’s 25 years of innovation make it possible for children and adults with learning difficulties, physical disabilities or emerging mobility problems to move more easily.

Our British-made trikes look great, support individual needs and enable long-lasting enjoyment of life.
Securing the company’s second Queen’s Award in Innovation in 2020, is a testament to our commitment to you.

Each order is manufactured to your unique needs – together we’ll find a way.

Inventions with a social purpose

Firmly believing that disability should never be a barrier to enjoyment of life, Tomcat has dedicated over 20 years of research and innovation in pursuit of this goal.

From complex needs to emerging mobility problems, we’ve never failed to find a solution.

Tomcat makes products that provide freedom, mobility, joy and normality to those of all ages struggling with physical and neurological problems.  Our innovations change lives – enabling everyone to live to their fullest potential.

Why Choose a Tomcat trike?

Tomcat is the UK’s only truly custom built, twice Queen’s Award Winner manufacturer of disability trikes. 

At Tomcat, virtually every component has been designed and made from scratch.  We select from over 40 purpose-built innovations to maximise comfort, support and usability – or we’ll create something unique just for you.

We never adapt, but build to fit your needs completely.

About Tomcat

This business was created out of the desire to help just one little boy experience the joy, normality and freedom of exploring the outdoors on wheels.

Tomcat’s founder, Bob Griffin, quickly discovered that no other company manufactured trikes of the right design to properly support physical disabilities.

It began a journey of discovery and invention that’s spanned more than 2 decades and resulted in creating life-changing solutions for over 10,000 people of all ages.

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