Inventions with a social purpose

Tomcat was set up in 1998 to enable people with learning or sensory impairments to cycle.  

At that time, disability trikes were only really suitable for people with physical difficulties – shutting out a huge proportion of the disabled community.  With the aim of including the excluded, Tomcat created safe cycling solutions for all.

Our mission now is to ensure that no physical limitation or learning difficulty is ever a barrier to taking part in, and enjoying cycling.  No one should feel confined within the four walls of their home.

Over more than two decades, Tomcat has innovated and engineered pioneering solutions to help children and adults safely explore the world outside, no matter what their challenges.

Every customer’s different

Our core business is custom-built trikes.

It’s important to us that our customers feel we are a trusted partner – someone on their side, who can be relied upon to support and resolve issues with understanding, intuition and expertise.

From complex needs, to emerging problems, we understand how to work with your personal difficulties to unlock new freedoms.  Tomcat products provide mobility, joy and normality to those of all ages struggling with physical, sensory or learning difficulties.

“When you have a child with special needs, the thrill and celebration of achieving something is very important.” Anne Griffin.

For us, this involves a huge amount of innovation.  Tomcat has pioneered technology which has since become industry standard and resulted in a Queen’s Award for Innovation in both 2013 and 2020.

For you, it means we build the trike around your specific needs.  Our assessors take the time to understand how best to safely improve mobility and enable greater freedom and independence.

Finding a way together

Since Tomcat’s signature invention of Carer Control™ – which enabled people with learning and sensory impairments to safely experience the freedom and joy of cycling with a carer – we have gone on to change the lives of many more.

Tomcat has brought the benefits of cycling to those with profound disabilities or simply ongoing physical or mobility difficulties, whilst its iconic Tomcat Chair has enabled many disabled children to access mainstream education.

This journey of discovery and invention has transformed the experiences of many people who felt cycling was entirely beyond their reach.

From complex needs to emerging mobility problems, we’ve never failed to find a solution.

Our innovations change lives – enabling everyone to live to their fullest potential.