1. Van Raam Bikes and Trikes

    What is the Service and Repair Agreement for Van Raam products bought through Tomcat SNI Ltd?

    Manufacturing and material defects will be repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty.

    On behalf of the manufacturer, Tomcat will provide ‘on-site’ or ‘return to base’ repair and replacement services for all Van Raam products purchased through us, where the fault is due to faulty materials or workmanship.  All ‘guarantee’ work will be conducted by Tomcat or the manufacturer, under the direction of the manufacturer, at a location suited to the work involved and at the supplier’s discretion.

    Our liability under this agreement is limited to repair and replacement of faulty parts only, under the terms and conditions set out in the Van Raam warranty, and does not include damage or injury to property or the person, fair wear and tear, accidental or malicious damage or any other unforeseen circumstance outside the manufacturer’s or supplier’s control.

    In certain circumstances, and in agreement with the customer and the manufacturer, Tomcat may additionally, and at our discretion, carry out guarantee repairs on behalf of the manufacturer on the manufacturers’ products not directly purchased through Tomcat.

    In addition to the above warranty provision, Tomcat is pleased to provide customers with the following service and repair benefits that are exclusive to us, in addition to the customer’s statutory rights and aforementioned manufacturer’s warranty.

    • Tomcat will carry out a free annual ‘Health Check’ within a target two months of the anniversary of the supply of the product (or the previous year’s Health Check).
    • The free Health Check will be undertaken every year for three consecutive years following the supply of the product.
    • The Health Check will be carried out on-site at the product’s normal location.
    • The Health Check will be carried out by a Tomcat approved technician to a Health Check schedule that has been designed by us to meet the requirements of the individual product.
    • The schedule will be in the form of an M.O.T. report and will cover all aspects of safety and appropriate general maintenance.
    • The Health Check does not cover essential repairs or replacement of parts but does provide for adjustment of parts in good working order, for example, chains and steering linkages.
    • The report will be logged and recorded against the Serial Number of the machine and can be provided to the customer on request for record purposes or proof of due diligence and care to interested third parties.


    Whilst the Health Check schedule – for obvious reasons – differs from product to product, the general inspection procedure falls into the following categories:
    General overall condition, cleanliness and storage recommendations.

    • The condition of Tyres; check wear, general condition, pressures and valves.
    • Check that all warning labels are present and in acceptable order.
    • Check dynamic and Park Brakes; levers, cables, callipers, hubs and discs for operation, wear, corrosion and hydraulic leaks, adjust as necessary.
    • Check steering components: grips, linkages and bearings for wear, lubrication and alignment. Lubricate and adjust as necessary.
    • Check transmission components; pedals, chains, hubs, gear changes, cables, guards and adjusters. Lubricate and adjust as necessary.
    • Check all safety devices, lights, safety straps and belts, guards, latches, levers, locks, air and hydraulic dampers. Adjust as necessary.
    • Check latching, sliding and rotation of all seat systems, lubricate and adjust as necessary.
    • Check function of power drive components (where fitted).
    • Test ride on completion.
    • Provide Health Check reports with before and after condition and recommendations.


    Repairs, consumables and spares, not qualifying for replacement under warranty:

    • Before each Health Check, the customer will be contacted by the technician in time to obtain any spares the customer knows are required. These will be supplied at manufacturers RRP, and fitted at the time of the Health Check.
    • Work outside the scope of the warranty or Health Check (as above), will be charged at our standard rate of £60ph, however, no travel costs will be charged if the work is pre-planned to coincide with the Health Check.
    • Any essential travel time for service and repair outside the Health Check or subsequent to problems being identified during the Health Check that require a second visit will be charged at HMRC mileage rate for the vehicle and £30ph for the technician.
    • Where possible and where time allows, service and repair work will be carried out when the technician is in the customer’s general area as soon as possible after the parts are available. In these circumstances, only the mileage and time taken for the detour will be charged to the customer.

    What options do I have for servicing once my free Health Check has run out?

    After expiry of the free Health Check, the same inspection, service of parts in working order, and reporting can be continued at the customer’s discretion through a service contract.  The service contract provides the customer with all the features and benefits of the free Health Check for a one-off charge of £240 for the first vehicle in the fleet at that location, and £60 per vehicle for every other Van Raam product in the fleet at that location, thus to provide an annual service and report under the service contract would cost £240 in the 4th year for one vehicle, and £300 for two and so on.  The rate increases by 10% in each subsequent year to reflect the ageing of the vehicle.
    A three-year Service Contract plan for the entire fourth, fifth and sixth years are available on application.

    An ‘Unlimited’ callout service plan is also available and tailored to the customer’s needs on the application.

    Will you service Van Raam products even if I haven’t bought through Tomcat?

    We will be pleased to adopt Van Raam products in your current fleet under the service contract described above.  The rate for the first vehicle in this category will be £240 for the first four years of its life.  Thereafter, the rate increases by 10% in each subsequent year to reflect the ageing of the vehicle.  Additional vehicles at the same location are charged at £60 per vehicle.

    Tomcat will be pleased to provide service contracts for an entire fleet spread over several locations upon application and by negotiation with the customer.

    Centrally situated in Gloucester we are able to supply Van Raam products and our unique Health Check service throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland.   Certain surcharges may apply to out of the way, geographical regions.

  2. IP & Warranty



    Tomcat SNI Ltd, a UK Limited Company with registered office located at Unit 13.7, The Gloucester Business Park, Hucclecote Glos, GL34AA warrants that the equipment and equipment parts manufactured by Seller (the “Product”) and sold or provided to the first end user (“BUYER”) are produced according to usual practices, customs, standards, specifications and tolerances of trade prevailing in the country of origin at the time of production and shall, subject to the limitations and exclusions set forth below, be free from defects in design, material, and workmanship.


    This Limited Warranty applies only if:

    (1) The Product is used properly and is operated in accordance with the SELLER’s instructions and manuals as furnished to BUYER at the time of purchase;

    (2) The person filing the warranty claim is the first end user of the Product; and

    (3) Buyer complies with all other sections of this Limited Warranty.


    The procedure described in this Section 2 shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Warranty Claim Procedures.” For the Limited Warranty to apply, BUYER must completely fill out and deliver to the SELLER a warranty claim fully describing the alleged defects or failures of the Product and original proof of purchase within the Warranty Periods (defined in Section 4) and within fifteen
    (15) days of the date BUYER discovered the alleged defect. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that SELLER determines, in its sole discretion, that BUYER reasonably should have discovered the alleged defect before its actual discovery, this Limited Warranty shall not apply.

    In order to determine whether the Limited Warranty should apply, BUYER shall provide any information to SELLER, including photographs where applicable, via telephone, email or any other appropriate means of communication. In the event the defect is covered by the Limited Warranty, SELLER may, at its sole option, require that the defective Product be shipped to the address provided by SELLER with mailing or shipping charges prepaid. BUYER shall pay all expenses associated with returning the Product to SELLER, including, without limitation, the costs of shipment, import taxes, duties and tariffs if applicable. BUYER shall return the Product, including its accessories and documents, to SELLER in its original packaging.


    If the Product is proved to SELLER’s satisfaction to be defective, within the Warranty Periods (defined in Section 4), SELLER’s obligations under this Limited Warranty shall be limited to either repairing or replacing the Product, or refunding the purchase price when appropriate, at SELLER’s sole discretion, and only if such defect was caused solely by defective design, workmanship and/or

    materials. Such repair, replacement or refund shall be SELLER’s sole obligation and BUYER’s exclusive remedy hereunder, and shall be conditioned upon BUYER’s fulfilling its obligations under SELLER’s Warranty Claim Procedures.


    This Limited Warranty of the Product applies for:

    – two (2) years for any physical good as from the date said physical good is sold or donated to the first end user,
    – five (5) years for any frame product, excluding any attachments, as from the date said frame product is sold or donated to the first end user,
    (the “Warranty Periods”).

    The Warranty Periods shall not be tolled for any reason. No action by SELLER or BUYER shall operate to extend or revive this Limited Warranty without the prior written consent of SELLER.


    The following is not included under this Limited Warranty:

    (1) Scratches, dents, marks or other visible surface wear on the Product, unless SELLER is notified as soon as the Product is received by the BUYER;

    (2) Normal wear and tear from everyday use;

    (3) Wear parts, including but not limited to straps, belts, buckles, cushion covers, soft foam and fabrics, tyres and tubes.

    (4) Misuse, abuse or loss by the BUYER;

    (5) Theft of the Product by any third party;

    (6) Physical damage to the Product as a result of tampering, mishandling, neglect, modification or repair without the approval of SELLER, unreasonable use and/or negligence of the BUYER whether foreseeable by SELLER or not;

    (7) Items, equipment, goods, products, components, and parts not sold by SELLER;

    (8) Damage to Product caused by the carrier during shipping;

    (9) Deterioration resulting from age, storage, weathering, lack of use;

    (10) Continued Product use after an alleged defect is discovered or should reasonably have been discovered;

    (11) The cost of returning the Product under this Limited Warranty; and

    (12) Damage to Product caused by fire, storm or other acts of God.

    SELLER expressly reserves the right to inspect the Product and its components, parts, and BUYER’s use, maintenance, and any other activity or inactivity of the BUYER, when determining whether an alleged Product defect is covered by the Limited Warranty.


    This Limited Warranty is provided by SELLER, and it contains the only express warranty provided to BUYER by SELLER. SELLER does not authorize any other person, including distributors, to give any other warranties on SELLER’s behalf.


    Implied warranties in jurisdictions where they may not be disclaimed shall be in effect only for the duration of the express warranty set forth herein.

    If BUYER has a claim under this Limited Warranty or under any implied warranties provided to BUYER by state law, BUYER may not file a court action based on that claim any later than one (1) year after BUYER’s right to file a court action accrues. In those countries which do not allow this limitation on the time period for filing a court action, this provision is inapplicable.





    The SELLER’s total liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation, restitution, or otherwise, arising in connection with the performance or contemplated performance of the contract between SELLER and BUYER shall be limited to the price paid for the Products.


    This Limited Warranty is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, without reference to conflict of laws principles. In the event of a dispute arising from or relating to this Limited Warranty, which is not resolved by negotiation between the parties, the parties hereby agree to personal exclusive jurisdiction of the United Kingdom courts.


    Any description of the Product, whether in writing or made orally by SELLER or SELLER’s agents, specifications, samples, models, bulletins, drawings, diagrams or similar materials used in connection with BUYER’s order, are for the sole purpose of identifying the Product and shall not be construed as an express warranty. Any suggestions by SELLER or SELLER’s agents regarding use, application, or suitability of the Product shall not be construed as an express warranty unless confirmed in writing by SELLER to be such.

    [end of document]

    What patents does Tomcat SNI Ltd hold?

    We pride ourselves on innovation and protect our intellectual property with patents. 

    The following patents and patent applications cover aspects of Tomcat SNI Ltd’s trike technology which are unique.
    Self Centralising Steering
    GB patent application number: 1807603.4 GB

    Frame separation and control function interfaces
    GB patent application number: 1905636.5 GB

    Quick Release Wheels.
    GB patent application number: 1906651.3 GB

    If you require further information about any of the above patents please contact our design and innovation team on 01452 616 900 and ask to speak to the Chief Engineer.

  3. COVID-19 Customer Care

    Am I able to visit Tomcat during the Covid-19 pandemic?

    At Tomcat, we understand the importance of keeping safe in these difficult times, but we also understand how important it is to carry on with the normal things in life as much as possible.  For that reason, we have introduced common-sense precautions that will enable all visitors to get the best from their visit with as little risk as possible.

    With that in mind, we have closed our visitors’ meeting room until further notice, moving all meetings to our spacious, well-ventilated showroom instead.  Here’s how it works.

    Customers or companies hoping to visit us for an assessment or product demonstration, please: 

    • Make a prior appointment by calling 01452 616900 and arranging a time with our sales staff. Please do not turn up at short notice as visits are strictly by appointment only.
    • Please be on time, as a one-hour time slot and assessor will both be booked for you. If you are late, we may not be able to extend your time with us.
    • On arrival, please park and call 01452 616900. Your assessor will meet you at your car and discuss what happens next.
    • Your assessor will open the showroom for you and invite you into the visitor’s area. Unfortunately, only two visitors are allowed in the showroom at a time to reduce risk as much as possible.  If there are others in your party, we would ask them to stay in the car for safety.
    • The visitor’s area has a sanitising station which both visitors should use on entry and of course you must be wearing a mask. In addition, the visitor’s area has a toilet which will have been sanitised before your visit and will be sanitised when you leave.  You may use it at any time during your visit.
    • The showroom is spacious and split into three areas, the visitor’s area, the assessor’s area, and between the two the demo area. Think of it as a four-meter-wide no man’s land, clearly identified by a bright yellow box.
    • For customers, an assessor will meet you at your car and invite you into the showroom where he will have placed the most likely product for you to try, in the demo area. Whilst you watch from the safe distance of the visitor’s area, he will demonstrate every feature of the product, its adjustment and use.
    • When you are ready to move from demo to trial, the assessor will sanitize the product, then move back to the assessor’s area. You are now able to look over the product, test its features and ride it out into the car park if you so wish.  The assessor will be with you when you move outdoors but at a two-meter distance of course.
    • Companies will use the spacious showroom as a meeting area – it is split into a visitors area and staff area so for your safety please respect the division.
    • After your meeting, if our staff member needs to supply you with any items or documents, he/she will bring these to your vehicle.

    Many of our visitors who know Tomcat well may think of the office staff as old friends.  If you would like to say hello, just ask and they will be happy to meet you in the safety of the carpark.

    Above all, enjoy your trip to Tomcat and thank you for calling.

    Is Tomcat COVID-19 Secure?

    Customer safety has always been at the forefront of our design thinking, so it is only natural that we think safety-first for our visiting customers during the present crisis.
    As the lockdown eases and the process of designing, building, and delivering our products returns, we want to invite our customers back to a Covid safe environment for both staff and visitors.

    We are immensely proud to announce that we have just opened a new and spacious showroom adjacent our factory, with space to trial all the products both indoors and out.  Being private, the approach road to Tomcat is also very quiet for testing our high-performance road models.

    On entry to the showroom, we have a sanitiser station for use by staff and visitors and our assessors wear face masks for your protection.   Each product is individually sanitized in the presence of the customer, immediately before use – however, because of the large area of clear material in the roof construction, all demo products are constantly bathed in long-wave UV light: a natural Covid-19 sanitizer.

    There are two bathrooms within the showroom space which are serviced daily and after each use, and of course, we always practice – and ask our visitors to practice – safe distancing at all times.

    That said, a visit to Tomcat remains what it has always been, a warm, friendly, welcoming event where hopes and dreams are made come true, not with a magic wand, but with design innovation, custom building and the very best customer service possible because our customers are our business.

    Can I still book an assessment during lockdown?

    Normally we would assess our customers through a home visit, but in these difficult times, that is always possible.  However, we have devised a system of remote assessment, some years ago, that is almost as good as the personal touch. Our most remote order was in 1991 for a child in Chernobyl, neurologically affected by radiation sickness.  Obviously, it is impossible to visit customers in such far-flung locations, therefore, we devised a very effective system for assessing customers remotely, even those that have profound difficulties.

    The basis of our assessment is our online questionnaire which has proved its efficacy time and time again.  These days our assessors also use mobile phone apps such as What’s App, Skype and FaceTime if a customer is happy with that method.

    Of course, there is nothing better than meeting our highly skilled assessors and we are happy to follow our online assessment with a visit as soon as it is possible, but in the meantime, we can provide the firm quotation you will need to apply for funding or even the trike itself if you decide to order straight away.

    Step 1. Download this pre-evaluation PDF onto your home computer. You can only fill out the fields once this form is saved onto your desktop/ device.
    Step 2. Complete the form and the requested drop-down menu choices.
    Step 3. Save the document under your name and then send as an attachment by email to info@tomcatuk.org
    Step 4. Once our admin staff receives your pre-evaluation form they will be able to send you a quote to use for funding purposes, if required.

    Needless to say, we need to be extra vigilant about infection control these days, so when our assessor does visit, you have the peace of mind of knowing that they will sanitise their hands and all equipment before the assessment begins.

  4. Tomcat Trikes

    What sort of guarantee do I get with my Tomcat Trike?

    Tomcat Sni Ltd guarantees this product to be free of defects in material and workmanship from the date of original purchase for a period of 2 years.  

    Tomcat additionally guarantees the frame excluding its attachments for a period of 7 years.

    Our obligation under this guarantee is limited to repair or replacement of the faulty item or the entire unit at our option, providing it has been properly maintained, has not been tampered with or repaired by unauthorised individuals and in the case of custom built products, has not been used by person(s) for whom it was not originally designed or intended.

    This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, the cost of inconvenience, property damage, abuse, misuse accident or similar incident. Under these terms Tomcat SNI Ltd will bear the cost of replacement parts and labour charges but not transportation costs unless by prior agreement.  Call or write before returning goods under this guarantee.  Claims under this guarantee will only be considered following inspection by us or our appointed agent and before any  remedial work is undertaken.

    This guarantee applies to the original purchaser only and does not pass to any third party through transfer of ownership or custody. By offering this guarantee Tomcat in no way seeks to diminish a consumer’s statutory rights.

    Tomcat Sni Ltd
    Unit 13/7 The Gloucester Business Park
    Download the certificate:
    Guarantee certificate

    What are the carer supervision options available with Tomcat Trikes?

    There are three modes of supervision available with Tomcat Trikes.

    • Independent use, where the rider has the freedom to make choices about speed, direction (steering), braking and the safety of themselves and others. A rider should only be permitted to use the trike independently if, in the carer’s judgement, they have the skills to keep themselves and others safe at all times and in all circumstances.
    • Carer Braking™, where the rider is wholly in control of the direction of the vehicle, but the supervising carer can, (when necessary), override their decisions regarding trike speed and braking and the safety of themselves and others. This is achieved with a brake mechanism, operated by tugging a strap that is held by the carer at all times when the trike is in use and mounted at the rear of the trike.  Also provided is a park brake for use by the carer only.
    • Carer Control™, where the supervising carer has ultimate sanction over all functions of the trike including direction (steering), braking, speed and the safety of themselves and others. This is achieved with a detachable control arm, mounted at the rear of the trike, which also incorporates a brake.  By moving the control arm left and right, the trike will steer to left and right.  Pulling back on the control arm handle, at any time, will apply the brake.  Carer Control incorporates all the features of Carer Braking and can be converted to Carer Braking by removing the control arm and attaching the strap as with Carer Braking.   Also provided is a park brake for use by the carer only.

    Both Carer Braking and Carer Control incorporate a “Speed Control” feature.  Though speed is essentially controlled by the application of either carer braking mechanism (Carer Braking or Carer Control), the system is much more than a simple brake and used correctly, will ensure that the speed of the trike never exceeds the walking speed of the carer, irrespective of the steepness of hills or the determination of the rider to accelerate away from the carer.

    To control speed, all the carer needs to do is firmly hold the strap (in the case of Carer Braking) or the control handle (in the case of Carer Control).  Thereafter, when the trike accelerates away from the rider either through downhill slope or rider intention, the brake is automatically applied and slows the trike back to the carers walking speed.  In this manner, steepening of the slope or harder pedalling by the rider only serves to apply the brake even more and in this manner, the desired speed is automatically maintained.  With a little practice, this is a very safe and simple way to maintain a safe speed at all times.

    The Tomcat Carer Control has a power multiplier feature that keeps the carer in control at all times.  If the rider pulls on the handlebars with 1kg of force it takes just 0.25kg of force for the carer to resist the directional change and in that way the carer stays in control at all times.

    It is good practice to train the rider against erratic, over-forceful or unpredictable movements of the steering by stopping the trike when this occurs in order that the rider learns that disruptive behaviour results in the trike stopping.

    When training cannot resolve the problem of the rider disrupting steering to the point of discomfort for the rider or danger to the rider, carer or other third parties, Tomcat should be consulted with a view to fitting its fixed handlebar system.  With this system the riders handlebars are permanently fixed and only the carer can steer.   Though not ideal from a “rider experience” or learning point of view, it does make the use of the trike comfortable and easy for the carer, and above all other considerations, “safe” for rider, carer and all third parties.

    Of necessity, some trikes are either permanently fixed drive or can be switched to fixed drive.  If the rider is likely to suddenly and unpredictably reverse the trike by backpedalling, this can endanger the rider, carer and others, and must be discouraged by stopping the trike on each and every occasion.   However, applying the brakes when the trike is reversing fast can be easier said than done, therefore the following procedure should be adhered to at all times.

    • Keep the control handle at arm’s length so that the brake can be applied quickly if necessary.
    • Keep the strap under slight tension and hold it at arm’s length so that it can be applied quickly if necessary. Do not allow the strap to droop dramatically at any time.
    • Stay out of the danger zone with unpredictable riders! Do not stand directly behind the trike at any time, instead, walk to the side so the trike will not run you over should it reverse suddenly.
    • If you are left handed, walk to the right of the trike, if you are right handed, walk to the left of the trike.
    • Never give the rider “their head” and run with the trike. It may be fun but it is never safe!  You must be in control in all circumstances and be able to take immediate action in unexpected circumstances.
    • Unless you can pull backwards on the handle or strap you will not be able to apply the brake when the trike is reversing, so should you lose control and the trike begins to pass you in reverse, let go of the handle or strap and grab the backrest or handlebars instead.
    • If the rider has a propensity to reverse pedal or develops this trait, this may be because of discomfort, poor setup or the need for adjustment. You should consult Tomcat for more advice.

    What do I need to know as a carer or supervisor of a Tomcat Trike?

    • In all multiple carer environments (such as schools) there should be at least one supervisor trained by Tomcat in the full use of the trike. This training will always be given by Tomcat on delivery. The supervisor should thereafter disseminate their knowledge to each and every subsequent carer.
    • If the supervisor changes, they should appoint and train a new supervisor in accordance with this document.
    • All carers should have refresher training from time to time at the discretion of the supervisor.
    • As a carer, you are responsible for the supervision and safety of not just the rider, but yourself and other third parties as well. You should not accept the supervision of a rider until you have been properly trained in the fitting and use the control arm and strap, and fully understand the content of this document.
    • If at any time you feel you are not in control of the trike, or feel you may lose control at some point, you should immediately seek the advice of your supervisor.
    • If the control handle is fitted, it must be held at all times by the carer. Never, under any circumstances, leave the Carer Control handle attached when using the Carer Braking strap or using the trike independently. This is a highly dangerous practice, particularly when small children are nearby.
    • Follow the instruction for speed control if the rider has a tendency to suddenly, or forcefully accelerate.
    • Remember that you have a responsibility to others as well as the person in your charge. They will have no reason to believe that anything dangerous is about to happen as you pass nearby, so slow, stop, or keep your distance when passing close to others.
    • Whenever problems arise with the rider in your charge, or you are swapping between the control handle or strap, be sure to apply the brake.
    • When it is necessary to assist an unpredictable rider, by pushing uphill for example, always do so with the backrest, never by the control handle as this is not designed to move heavy objects. If you are likely to encounter this difficulty, you must ask for the assistance of another carer, one to do the pushing and yourself to operate the brake in accordance with the instructions.

    Does ‘Custom Made’ mean that only one person can use your products?

    No, but it does mean that it will be perfect for the person or group for whom it was built. Lifespan is another important benefit of custom building. By custom building, a Tomcat frame will fit the rider perfectly with, on average, 4 to 5 years lifespan ahead.  An off the shelf product may start 1 or 2 years through its lifespan when delivered so custom building makes sense on many levels.

    Custom building is about providing the very best machine for the customers needs, whatever they may be, and that often means providing the best machine for a group. For example, schools would want a machine with a broad usage range and quick adjustments throughout. They would naturally need different features at a school for the blind than a school for hoist users with cerebral palsy. Custom building is about providing the best solution for the customer, pure and simple.

    My, or my child’s disability is very mild. Do I really need a Tomcat?

    Possibly not. With mild conditions, the human body becomes more adaptable, therefore custom building becomes less important, but there are many other benefits to buying a Tomcat beside the custom building aspect.

    We have built many thousands of trikes for disabled people so we know what works. Our customers on the other hand, may never have bought a trike before, so it’s sensible to have an expert opinion. However, being an expert comes with responsibilities so “buyer beware” has never been part of our vocabulary. If we get it wrong, we put it right free of charge – it’s as simple as that!

    Try a Tomcat and you may find innovative features you’d love to have but can’t find anywhere else. Take a multi geared trike for example. These are always single frame machines because of gear and brake cables, but Tomcat have solved that problem with our make and break technology so you can take any multi-geared trike apart in the blink of an eye and transport it in a family car – it’s small but important features like this that make all the difference.

    What is the purpose of the pedal elasticated cord?

    The cord prevents the foot-shoes from turning over and striking the ground when the trike is being pushed without a rider. They serve no other purpose so it is perfectly safe to use the trike without the cord. Occasionally the cord will get entangled about the pedal or get caught in the UQR (Upper Quick Release) mechanism causing the cord to fray. To prevent this, ensure the cord is free of the pedals and routed under the UQR blade before setting off.

    If our Tomcat is stolen, is it traceable?

    Usually yes! All Tomcats are serial numbered against the original owner and this number is on the frame – but even if the number is removed, as your Tomcat was custom built we can usually positively identify it from its colour and construction.  Over the years we have helped several customers get their property back through positive identification. That said, it is always wise to have your trike invisibly fingerprinted by the police.

    Why have you asked us for measurements again?

    It can take some time for a quote to turn to an order and in that time children can have growth spurts so we will ask you to measure your child again if your quote is more than three months old.

    The most important measurement is the inside leg – but as that is inappropriate for an assessor to measure accurately, we ask the parent to take this measurement for us in a proscribed way that produces an accurate result.

    Though easier to measure, height is of less importance than inside leg, however, because the human body normally grows in very strict proportion we are able to cross reference height with the inside leg to confirm that both are correct. If at the build stage we believe there may be an error, we will sometimes ask you to check both measurements again. With adults we usually only ask for height.

    I want to support British industry. How much of a Tomcat is truly ‘Made in Britain’?

    Standard cycle components such as bells and spokes are never made in Britain these days, however most Tomcat components are unique to the company and are cut from the raw material and made into Tomcat parts here in the UK. We make all our frames and custom components in our Gloucester workshops and every Tomcat product is assembled to order in our fitting shop.

    Certain specialist processes or high volume precision components can only be provided by specialist firms, however, all are British and most are based locally in Gloucestershire.  This means you know that when you buy a Tomcat you are supporting British industries as diverse as model makers, founders, precision machinists, upholsterers, finishers, laser cutters and wheel builders to name but a few.

    We are very proud to say that for fifteen years Tomcat has always had at least one engineering apprentice in training and the Tomcat product you buy is about as British as it gets.

    Do you buy back used Tomcats?

    As a customising OEM, for quality management and insurance reasons we cannot use anything but new and traceable components in our products, therefore we do not allow old components or assemblies on site except under our passported Give and Take scheme. However, if you want to sell your old Tomcat or see it go to a new home, there are other ways we can help.

    Tomcat trikes are generally considered the industry gold standard, therefore when a Tomcat in good condition comes up for sale (on Ebay for example), they command a very high second hand value – usually between 30% and 50% of its purchase price after 5 to 10 years and sometimes more.

    If you do choose this route the guarantee expires with you, but we are happy to provide support, service, spares, advice and, where possible, customisation to the new owner because experience has taught us that they are our customers of the future. In a nutshell, a private sale with our support will realise a far higher return on your original investment than a buy back.

    If you simply want to see your Tomcat go to a good home, take a look at our Give and Take scheme. In essence, we service your old Tomcat free of charge and pass it on for group use in schools, hospices or anywhere where many deserving children can benefit from your gift. The scheme is entirely free and passported so you know where your old Tomcat is benefiting those other children.

    What’s included in the cost of my trike?

    When the Tomcat trike arrived in 1997 it had the Carer Control, Two Piece Frame, Custom Build and lightweight construction that everyone wanted, but those features obviously cost more, therefore, in the absence of a “like for like” machine, the myth grew that a Tomcat was expensive.

    However, value is not always about cost and even though the ticket price might have been higher, funders soon realised that it was better to pay a little extra for something that was going to be loved and used rather than wasting money on a dust collector.

    Service too, is a factor for something as crucial and specialised as a special needs trike. After all, it is a therapy tool so the stakes are very high. It was service that led the chief executive of a national charity to recently remark that “You are the best supplier we deal with – by some margin”.

    Tomcat has never been tempted to manufacture abroad because custom building is about immediate response to special situations, but for years UK costs were higher. That is no longer the case and unless a process is very labour intensive, UK manufacture coupled with the Brexit effect upon the pound is very competitive, so we are pleased we kept to our UK only policy.

    These days, you may well find that when you buy a custom-made Tomcat, you are paying less for the original technology than you are paying for an imported copy, so a Tomcat is tremendous value for money. How do you find out – well that’s quite simple! Always ask at least two companies to provide an assessment and make sure that one of those is Tomcat! Assessments are free, so what do you have to lose?

  5. Tomcat Twisters

    What is the Tomcat Twister™ Returns Policy?

    We hope you are pleased with your purchases, however if you do wish to return an item, please follow our guidelines below.

    When returning an item that is unsuitable, please return the item to us as soon as possible:

    1. Ensure it is in its original packaging
    2. Include a copy of the invoice in the box
    3. Include a note or letter explaining why you are returning the item
    4. We recommend the item is sent by recorded delivery, at your cost, to ensure we receive it. Items not sent by recorded delivery are done so at the consumer’s own risk. 

    Please return items to:
    13/7 The Gloucester Business Park
    GL3 4AA
    Email: info@tomcatuk.org

    If you have any queries about your refund, please call: 01452 616 900
    Your statutory rights are unaffected.

    What do I do if my Tomcat Twisters arrive damaged?

    • Tomcat Twisters are checked before dispatch to ensure order accuracy and that the product is dispatched to you in perfect condition. Refuse to accept the package if its outer packaging is open or badly damaged.  Write your reasons for refusing delivery on the courier’s delivery note then notify us immediately.

    The customer has a duty of care to ensure that unsuitable goods are returned to us in re-saleable condition.  We may refuse a refund for items that are not re-saleable, for example, items that have been worn.

    1. Report it to us immediately by letter or email and return the item to us as soon as possible
    2. Include a copy of the invoice in the box
    3. Include a note or letter pointing out the damage
    4. We recommend the item is sent by recorded delivery, at your cost, to ensure we receive it. Items not sent by recorded delivery are done so at the consumer’s own risk. See delivery address below.

    Please return items to:
    13/7 The Gloucester Business Park
    GL3 4AA
    Email: info@tomcatuk.org

    If you have any queries about your refund, please call: 01452 616 900

    Your statutory rights are unaffected.

    How do I cancel an order?

    Please notify us within 7 working days of your order by letter or email.

    My child wears splints, what size Easy-up should I order?

    Have a look at our “Check your size” video, follow the instructions and you’ll find your Twisters size in the conversion charts.

    My child only has a splint on one foot, what Easy-up size should I get?

    Again, get the size that fits the splint. Separately sized shoes aren’t necessary. As the shoe’s unique twisting lace mechanism keeps tightening by 1mm with each click, simply keep twisting and the shoe tightens to accommodate the foot without the splint too! Have a look at our “Check your size” video, follow the instructions and you’ll find your Twisters size in the conversion charts.

    How strong is an Easy-up lace?

    The lace wire is very tough and is guaranteed for the life of the shoe. It is the same design used for ski boots and is very strong. If, by some crazy chance, it does break, then it is easily replaced.

    How do I order a pair of Easy-up shoes?

    You can order all 80 variations on our Twister e-shop.

    What if I order a pair of Easy-up shoes and they don’t fit?

    It is very easy – all you need to do is return them to us and we’ll swap the size for you. Our refund policy can be found here on our Twisters product page.

    Please return items to:
    13/7 The Gloucester Business Park
    GL3 4AA
    Email: info@tomcatuk.org
    If you have any queries about your refund, please call: 01452 616 900
    Your statutory rights are unaffected.

    Why do Twisters cost as much as they do?

    The Twisters shoes are completely hand made in Italy, only using high quality leathers and materials. Inside lining is made of calf leather to assure durability and healthy foot. The lacing wheel is a very clever piece of kit, and the shoes themselves have been designed in conjunction with orthotists in Italy. It is very difficult to design something so simple, and a lot of research and development goes into these shoes.  Twisters make life much easier for those with AFOs, splints, arthritis or fine motor problems, which is why they are the price they are.

    Do I have to pay VAT on the Easy-up shoes?

    In the UK, no – they are zero rated as they are classed goods for disabled people. However there may be VAT or duty to pay in Ireland.