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Tomcat Trikes

  • Does “Custom Made” mean that only one person can use your products?

    No, but it does mean that it will be perfect for the person or group for whom it was built. Lifespan is another important benefit of custom building. By custom building, a Tomcat frame will fit the rider perfectly with on average, 4 to 5 years lifespan ahead but an off the shelf product may start 1 or 2 years through its lifespan when delivered so custom building makes sense on many levels.
    Custom building is about providing the very best machine for the customers needs, whatever they may be, and that often means providing the best machine for a group. For example, schools would want a machine with a broad usage range and quick adjustments throughout. They would naturally need different features at a school for the blind than a school for hoist users with cerebral palsy. Custom building is about providing the best solution for the customer, pure and simple.

    When the disability is very mild. Do I really need a Tomcat?
    Possibly not. With mild conditions, the human body become more adaptable, therefore custom building becomes less important, but there are many other benefits to buying a Tomcat beside the custom building aspect.

    An expert opinion.
    We have built many thousands of trikes for disabled people so we know what works. Our customers on the other hand, may never have bought a trike before, so it’s sensible to have an expert opinion. However, being an expert comes with responsibilities so “buyer beware” has never been part of our vocabulary. If we get it wrong, we put it right free of charge – it’s as simple as that!

    Features and benefits.
    Try a Tomcat and you may find innovative features you’d love to have but can’t find anywhere else. Take a multi geared trike for example. These are always single frame machines because of gear and brake cables, but Tomcat have solved that problem with our make and break technology so you can take any multi-geared trike apart in the blink of an eye and transport it in a family car – how cool is that!

  • What is the purpose of the pedal elasticated cord?

    The cord prevents the foot-shoes from turning over and striking the ground when the trike if being pushed without a rider. They serve no other purpose therefore, it is perfectly safe to use the trike without the cord. Occasionally the cord will get entangled about the pedal or get caught in the UQR (Upper Quick Release) mechanism causing the cord to fray. To prevent this, ensure the cord is free of the pedals and routed under the UQR blade before setting off.

  • If our Tomcat is stolen, is it traceable?

    Usually yes! All Tomcats are serial numbered against the original owner and this number is on the frame, but even if the number is removed, because your Tomcat was custom built we can usually positively identify it from its colour and construction and over the years we have helped several customers get their property back through positive identification. That said, it is always wise to have your trike invisibly fingerprinted by the police.

  • Why have you asked us for measurements again?

    It can take some time for a quote to turn to an order and in that time children can have growth spurts, therefore we will ask you to measure your child again if your quote is more than three months old.
    The most important measurement is inside leg but that is inappropriate for an assessor to measure accurately, therefore we ask parent to takes this measurement for us in a proscribed way that produces an accurate result.
    Though easier to measure, height is of less importance than inside leg, however, because the human body normally grows in very strict proportion we are able to cross reference height with inside leg to confirm that both are correct. If at the build stage we believe there may be an error, we will sometimes ask you to check both measurements again. With adults we usually only ask for height.

  • I want to support British industry. How much of a Tomcat is truly “Made in Britain”?

    Standard cycle components such as bells and spokes are never made in Britain these days, however most Tomcat components are unique to the company and are cut from the raw material and made into Tomcat parts here in the UK. We make all our frames and customised components in our Gloucester workshops and every Tomcat product is assembled to order in our fitting shop.
    Certain specialist processes or high volume precision components can only be provided by specialist firms, however, all are British and most are based locally in Gloucestershire, so you know that when you buy a Tomcat you are supporting British industries as diverse as model makers, founders, precision machinists, upholsterer’s, finishers, laser cutters and wheel builders to name but a few.
    We are very proud to say that for fifteen years Tomcat has always had at least one engineering apprentice in training and the Tomcat product you buy is about as British as it gets.

  • Do you buy back used Tomcats?

    As a customising OEM, for quality management and insurance reasons we cannot use anything but new and traceable components in our products, therefore we do not allow old components or assemblies on site except under our passported Give and Take scheme. However, if you want to sell your old Tomcat or see it go to a new home, there are other ways we can help.

    Re-selling your Tomcat.
    Tomcat trikes are generally considered the industry gold standard, therefore when a Tomcat in good condition comes up for sale (on Ebay for example), they command a very high second hand value, usually between 30% and 50% of its purchase price after 5 to 10 years and sometimes more.
    If you do chose this route the guarantee expires with you, but we are happy to provide support, service, spares, advice and where possible, customisation to the new owner, because experience has taught us that they are our customers of the future. In a nutshell, a private sale with our support will realise a far higher return on your original investment than a buy back.

    Give and Take Scheme.
    If you simply want to see your Tomcat go to a good home, take a look at our Give and Take scheme. In essence, we service your old Tomcat free of charge and pass it on for group use in schools, hospices or anywhere where many deserving children can benefit from your gift. The scheme is entirely free and passported so you know where your old Tomcat is benefiting those other children. For more detail about being a donor or new owner, check out our G & T scheme on our xxx tab.

  • What’s included in the cost of my trike?

    When the Tomcat trike arrived in 1997 it had the Carer Control, Two Piece Frame, Custom Build and lightweight construction that everyone wanted, but those feature obviously cost more, therefore, in the absence of a “like for like” machine, the myth grew that a Tomcat was expensive.
    However, value is not always about cost and even though the ticket price might have been higher, funders soon realised that it was better to pay a little extra for something that was going to be loved and used rather than wasting money on a dust collector.

    Service too, is a factor for something as crucial and specialised as a special needs trike. After all, it is a therapy tool so the stakes are very high. It was service that led the chief executive of a national charity to recently remark that “You are the best supplier we deal with – by some margin”.
    Tomcat has never been tempted to manufacture abroad because custom building is about immediate response to special situations, but for years UK costs were higher. That is no longer the case and unless a process is very labour intensive, UK manufacture coupled with the Brexit effect upon the pound is very competitive, so we are pleased we kept to our UK only policy.

    Value for money.
    These days, you may well find that when you buy a custom-made Tomcat, you are paying less for the original technology than you are paying for an imported copy, so a Tomcat is tremendous value for money these days. How do you find out – well that’s quite simple! Always ask at least two companies to provide an assessment and make sure that one of those is Tomcat! Assessments are free, so what do you have to lose?

Tomcat Twisters

  • Tomcat Twister™ Returns Policy

    We hope you are pleased with your purchases, however if you do wish to return an item, please follow our
    guidelines below.

    When returning an item that is unsuitable, please return the item to us as soon as possible:

    1. Ensure it is in its original packaging
    2. Include a copy of the invoice in the box
    3. Include a note or letter explaining why you are returning the item
    4. We recommend the item is sent by recorded delivery, at your cost, to ensure we receive it. Items not
      sent by recorded delivery are done so at the consumer’s own risk. See delivery address below.


    What to do if an item is damaged:

    Tomcat Twisters are checked before dispatch to ensure order accuracy and that the product is dispatched
    to you in perfect condition. Refuse to accept the package if its outer packaging is open or badly damaged.
    Write your reasons for refusing delivery on the courier’s delivery note then notify us immediately.

    The customer has a duty of care to ensure that unsuitable goods are returned to us in re-saleable condition.
    We may refuse a refund for items that are not re-saleable, for example, items that have been worn.

    1. Report it to us immediately by letter or email and return the item to us as soon as possible
    2. Include a copy of the invoice in the box
    3. Include a note or letter pointing out the damage
    4. We recommend the item is sent by recorded delivery, at your cost, to ensure we receive it. Items not
      sent by recorded delivery are done so at the consumer’s own risk. See delivery address below.

    If you wish to cancel an order:

    Please notify us within 7 working days of your order by letter or email.

    Please return items to:
    13/7 The Gloucester Business Park
    GL3 4AA

    Email: info@tomcatuk.org

    If you have any queries about your refund, please call: 01452 616 900

    Your statutory rights are unaffected.

  • My child wears splints, what size Easy-up should i order?

    Have a look to our “Check your size” video, follow the instructions and you Twisters size in the conversion charts.

  • My child only has a splint on one foot, what Easy-up size should I get?

    Again, get the size that fits the splint. Separately sized shoes aren’t necessary. Because the shoe’s unique twisting lace mechanism keeps tightening by 1mm with each click, simply keep twisting and the shoe tightens to accommodate the foot without the splint too! Check the video explaing how to do the measurement and find your size in the conversion charts.

  • How strong is an Easy-up lace?

    The lace wire is very tough and is guaranteed for the life of the shoe. It is the same design used for ski boots and is very strong. If, by some crazy chance, it does break, then it is easily replaced.

  • How do I order a pair of Easy-up shoes?

    You can order all 80 variations on our Twister e-shop.

  • What if i order a pair of Easy-up shoes and they don’t fit?

    It is very easy … all you need to do is return them to us and we’ll swap the size for you. Our refund policy can be found here on our Twisters product page.

  • About the Easy-up shoes pricing

    The Twisters shoes are completely hand made in Italy, only using high quality leathers and materials. Inside lining is made of calf leather to assure durability and healthy foot. The lacing wheel is a very clever piece of kit, and they shoes themselves have been designed in conjunction with orthotists in Italy. It is very difficult to design something so simple, and a lot of research and development goes into these shoes to make it much easier to put on shoes with AFOs, splints, arthritis or fine motor problems, which is why they are the price they are.

  • Do I have to pay VAT on the Easy-up shoes?

    No, they are zero rated as they are classed goods for disabled people.