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Tomcat: double Queen’s Award winners

The Queen’s Awards are given to UK businesses for outstanding achievements.  Thanks to two decades of custom building and ground-breaking invention, Tomcat has completely changed the world of special needs cycling – an achievement which has been recognised by two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation.

In 2013, Tomcat was awarded its first Queen’s Award after transforming the market for children’s disability trikes, changing the lives of thousands of young people.  Building on the innovative Carer Control™, Tomcat continued to develop ingenious solutions which enabled children with a wide range of physical and learning disabilities to discover the joy and freedom of cycling.

In 2020, Tomcat was recognised with a second Queen’s Award for its hugely successful Bullet range of adult trikes.  These trikes took the accessibility, innovation and inclusion offered by the children’s range to tackle almost all obstacles to cycling encountered in the teenage to adult years.  This made bike riding possible for a huge sector of the disabled community for which there was little provision.  It also ensures green transport alternatives remain available to all – both those with disabilities and adults who may have feared their cycling days were over.

These awards recognise the pioneering work Tomcat has done – and continues to do – to transform lives for people of all ages.

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