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Find your Tomcat assessor

Tomcat at your service – countrywide

Tomcat distributes its products throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland through our network of highly trained field assessors who will be pleased to assess your needs at your home, school, or location to suit you. They carry a full range of products and there is no charge for this service, which is entirely without obligation.

Regional Drop-in Centres

Drop in centres are typically located in parks or adventure trails that cater for disabled cyclists. Here you can hire a Tomcat whilst you enjoy the park, or you can arrange for a trained assessor to assess you for a Tomcat. On-site range may be limited so check before you travel.

Visit our factory

You are welcome to visit our factory where we will be pleased to show you Tomcats being manufactured and where you can discuss your requirements with the same staff who will design and build your unique Tomcat product. This is particularly valuable when we need to build something unique to you. Tomcat is located on the beautifully landscaped Gloucester Business Park where there are many amenities, including its own small nature park and ponds, Tesco’s, Travel Lodge, a Virgin Sports Centre, Greggs and a chemist.

 Off the Beaten Track?

If you live in a remote location such as the Channel Islands, Scottish Islands or the Isle of Man, we can still provide you with a custom-built tricycle using our remote assessment system. We achieve this in three ways. Firstly we ask you to complete a simple questionnaire that will ask you everyday questions about you or your child, with drop down answers from which we can assimilate the clinical information we need and the choices you want to make. For children, we like you to supplement this with a video of everyday activity if possible (not cycling) and in more complex instances, an experienced engineer will call you to discuss any matters of concern. Tomcat has perfected this pioneering system over many years of custom building and we are world experts in our field. At Tomcat, we really know our stuff and that is why we are happy to guarantee that we will get things right for you, even though we may never meet!

Worldwide Custom Made Distribution.

Please see our dedicated page here.

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Get in touch

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Free Assessment

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Case studies

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