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    Tomcat’s extensive range of accessories can be customised to suit your Tomcat trike.

    Carer Braking System

    A Tomcat Innovation

    This carer operated brake provides carer supervision for riders who have good steering and braking ability but who might not be safe near traffic or other hazards.  It also features a “Park Brake” facility.
    The brake is operated by pulling the strap.

    Full Carer Control System

    A Tomcat Innovation.

    The patented system features full control of steering, braking and speed by the Carer.
    Steering is effected by moving the arm left and right and braking is effected by pulling back on the handle.  The arm detaches in seconds.
    It also features a “Park Brake” facility.

    Two-piece Frame Mechanism

    A Tomcat Innovation.

    The Quick Release™ frame will split for transport in a stunning 3 seconds, or convert to a trailer in just 30 seconds – without tools! With its safety interlock and simple operation, your Quick Release™ Tomcat will be a great alternative to the wheelchair or pushchair and banish those transport problems at the same time.

    Trailer Bar

    A Tomcat Innovation.

    Converts most trikes to a trailer Trike™

    Dual Axle™

    A Tomcat Innovation.

    Instantly switches axle drive between fixed and free-wheeling

    Foot shoes with straps

    The Footshoe gives simple foot guidance/location with straps to promote good foot security.  The single strap passes over the instep and about the heel and closes with a simple “Hook and Loop” tab.  With this design the foot can be removed instantly in the event of a fit.

    Leg Supports for Foot-shoes

    As with the standard Footshoe they give simple foot guidance/location with straps to promote good foot security. Leg supports feature a flexible cuff closed with straps mounted on a quick releasing bar.  They are fully adjustable for height and calf girth and are adjustable to control adduction, abduction, plantarflexion and dorsiflexsion.

    Security Backrest with Buffer Pad

    The Security Backrest is a simple spinal trunk support which can be used with lateral security arms or soft lateral pads.
    It is used for basic trunk support, security, safety and reassurance for anxious users.

    Upholstered Backrest

    The Upholstered Backrest offers good spinal support from pelvis to shoulder blade from a soft comfortable cushion.  It has height, tilt and depth adjustment and can be fitted with a harness and soft lateral pads as shown.

    Security Arms—Interchangeable with all backrests

    Security arms are available in a range of sizes.  They are ideal for providing security, simple support and positional prompting.  They are width adjustable and have a fully adjustable side release buckle.

    Lateral Pads—Interchangeable with all backrests

    Lateral Pads are available in a range of sizes.  They are ideal for providing security, support and positional prompting.  Each pad can be independently moved higher or lower and can also be rotated about the vertical plane.
    The soft cushion creates a large contact area that stimulates the nervous system, promoting better posture and reducing anxiety.


    4 Point Harness

    For use with upholstered backrests

    A four point harness is used in conjunction with the Upholstered Backrest, to prevent forward tilting or slumping of the chest and thorax.

    Sculptured Head Rest

    The Head Rest gives in line support and prevents injury should the rider throw their head backwards.

    It is fully adjustable for height, depth and angle and has a very soft and supportive cushion.

    Head Rest With Wings

    The Head Rest gives in line support and prevents injury should the rider throw their head backwards.

    It is fully adjustable for height, depth and angle and has very soft and supportive cushions. The wings are individually adjustable for width and angle.

    Extra wide saddle

    This superb, comfortable saddle is a full 12” (30cm) wide, with a slender pommel, gel cushion and sprung carriage.  It is ideal for larger riders or those with skin sensitivity, better lateral support or comfort in mind.

    Quick release Pommel

    The detachable pommel prevents sliding, rolling or forward thrusting of the pelvis.
    It is held in place by a key beneath the saddle and is adjustable for depth.

    2-Point Lap Strap

    A simple two point lap-strap to secure the pelvis.

    4-Point Lap Strap

    4-Point Lap Strap holds the pelvis securely making it suitable for clients with substantial movement and moderate to severe positioning needs.

    The primary attachments position the belt like a two point harness and the secondary attachments anchor the belt in position to prevent it from riding up into the abdomen or twisting.

    Mitt – Gripping Aid

    General Purpose gripping aids function by the tightening of a strap in the upper section, which gently pulls the hand into a fist shape, adjusting to hold the handle bars in the palm.
    The wrist strap is also adjustable and the aid is padded to reduce chafing.

    Swivel Seat Bracket

    A Tomcat Innovation

    The Saddle and backrest (if fitted) swivels and locks in right, left, and centre positions to aid in transfer on and off the trike

    Transfer Step

    A Tomcat Innovation
    (Normally used in conjunction with the Tomcat swivel saddle)

    Greatly assists with standing transfers. In use the step is placed over the pedal. The rider stands on the step and turns to sit on the swivel saddle. All manual handling is eliminated. Guidance and supervision are all that is required.

    Removable Rear Basket

    An easily removable shopping basket located at the rear of the trike.

    Trike Tidy

    We designed a universal storage rack that supports any Tomcat Trike, including Trailer Trikes. Thanks to a Tomcat Trikes lightweight construction, your storage problems are over.

    Fixed Handlebars

    Used with Carer Controlled trikes for over wilful children

    Balance pedals with straps

    Balance pedals with straps