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The Apprentice

The Apprentice
24th October 2017 Nazia White

    A road trike for riders with mild to profound and multiple disabilities. Suitable for teenagers through to adults.

    BASIC MODEL £1695

    The Bullet Apprentice™ is a single speed machine that is ideally suited to riders requiring a little or lot of carer supervision.

    It has a fixed drive as standard or an optional free-wheeling or combination drive, (both) if preferred.  It has very open access, exceptional stability and it is ideally suited to semi-ambulant or hoist using riders when the optional swivel seat is used.

    Like all Bullet models, it can be fully accessorised, with foot, leg, trunk and head supports.  Typical Apprentice options might include Carer Control or Carer Braking, Removable basket and Basket frame, Bullet transportable “Two Piece Frame” with Removable seat and Tow-bike trailer conversion.

    Start your own lifestyle revolution with the Tomcat Bullet!

    “The Bullet is equipped with many “world firsts” for disabled users, for example, its swivel seat makes standing transfers easier and hoist transfers possible, whilst Carer Control allows those with learning difficulties, blindness or spatial impairment to ride in perfect safety. The Bullet’s telescopic seat and pedal adjustment means that riders with moderate to severe physical disability can stay seated whilst leg length adjustments are made.”


    Standard Features

    “Fixed” single speed drive
    “See and be seen” sitting position
    Adjustable between 58” and 74” user height
    Park Brake
    Front and Rear Lights
    Cushion seat and backrest

    Optional Features

    Single Speed Free-wheel or combination drive
    Swivel Seat and Backrest
    Carer Control or Carer Braking
    Full postural accessories
    “Quick Release”, Two Piece frame with Removable Seat
    Trike Tidy Wall Storage (Two piece frame versions)
    Trike to Tow-Trailer conversion

    Back rest

    Foot shoes with straps

    Foot shoes with leg support

    Tomcat hand mitts

    Head support

    Lap strap

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