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    Tomcat Dragon Trike

    Tomcat Dragon Trike
    21st July 2019 Nazia White

    Breath Fire into Your Life!

    A New low sitting trike from Tomcat, for independent teenagers and adults.

    From £1,378 (+VAT)

    From our new, generic, “Affordable Quality” range

    The Dragon is a robust, stable and affordable single speed trike for independent teenagers and adults up to 120kg and is ideally suited to home use or multi-user environments.   Its comfortable bucket seat slides smoothly and easily between user heights of 144cm to 188cm while the rider stays seated.  It has a fixed drive as standard, with “Switchable, Dual-Drive™” if preferred.

    With Tomcats customary emphasis on safety, the Dragon features self-centralising steering, front and rear braking (for “road legal” use) and a very low step-through for safe and easy access.

    To eliminate troublesome tripping hazards such as the chain and guard, the chain runs through the frame on full-length nylon guides where it is out of sight, out of mind, totally silent and very easy to adjust or renew.

    For easier transport, the Dragon offers folding handlebars as standard, plus the option of a folding frame and removable seat (no tools required).

    Get real value for money with Tomcat’s “Affordable Quality” range.


    * Measurement for basic model, this value will change depending on the specification chosen.
    Sizing Chart
    Approx min Age Approx Min/Max inside leg Approx min/max height
    12+ 65cm / 92cm 135cm / 188cm
    Technical Spec
    Overall Length *


    Overall Width 76cm
    Height Seat to Ground * 53cm
    Height handlebar to Ground * 105cm
    Seat Slide 20cm
    Brakes Calliper Front / Disc Rear
    Front Wheel 20″  with Schrader valve
    Rear Wheels 24″ with Schrader valve
    Trike Weight * 27kg
    Max User Weight 120Kg

    Features and Benefits Check List

    • Tomcat Quality and Service.
    • Standard Generic Design to suit all users
    • Self Centralising Steering
    • “Stay Seated” sliding seat adjustment
    • Front Calliper Brake
    • Rear Disc Brake for “road legal” use
    • 20cm sliding seat (144cm to 188cm rider height
    • Enclosed chain for clean, hazard-free access
    • Easy chain adjustment and replacement
    • 2 x Park Brakes
    • Low step-through
    • Easy-adjust folding Handlebar stem

    Optional Features

    • Dual Drive™
    • Folding Frame and Removable seat (for easy storage)
    • Puncture Proof Tyres
    • Lighting Set
    • Safety Flag
    • Pedal with straps
    • Lap strap with car type buckle

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