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    The Electric Bullet

    The Electric Bullet
    25th October 2017 Nazia White

    The e-Bullet is a sporty, lightweight electric trike by Tomcat.

    BASIC MODEL £4,566.00*

    *Price applicable to UK mainland only

    The Tomcat “e-Bullet”, “Power Assist” technology is a sporty, lightweight electric trike designed for anyone to use anywhere!

    Whether your difficulty is strength, mobility, storage or transportation, there is a Bullet solution designed for you


    At Tomcat, we are very pleased with the enormous success of our new Bullet trike, because it has the innovation to get almost any adult cycling, no matter how mild or how major their difficulties.  But in addition to that, almost every model in the range can be fitted with electric power assistance that adds a new dimension to the ease, enjoyment, range, social engagement and the sheer joy of cycling.  The advantages of e-power are fairly obvious on a bike but if you are thinking of a tricycle, you probably have some health issue, even if they are very mild, so what do you need to know about electric trikes?

    “The Tomcat E-Bullet has given me the freedom and independence I have been craving since 2011! The comments I receive about the trike have been so positive and it encourages people to talk to me and have a conversation. I can easily pull away on the E-Bullet without having to find too much energy in the first instance, and when I’m riding, it’s is so easy to manoeuvre.  Best of all, Paul can transport it at the back of the car with ease. I just love it.”

    Deby Chick, 56, cancer survivor from Dorchester 


    Standard Features

    Robust fixed frame
    Electric Power assist.  8-speed hub Drive
    Drum front wheel and rear axle, disc braking
    Differential Rear Axle, Park Brake
    Cushion seat and backrest

    Optional Features 

        Telescopic crank and sliding seat, rapid adjust (rider stays seated)
    Removable Basket and basket bracket
    Front and Rear Lights
    Swivel Seat and Backrest
    Carer Control or Carer Braking
    Full postural accessories.  140db horn (hornit)
    Quick Release, Two-Piece frame and Removable Seat
    Trike Tidy Wall Storage (Two-piece frame versions)

    Back rest

    Foot shoes with straps

    Foot shoes with leg support

    Tomcat hand mitts

    Head support

    Lap strap

    Our latest innovations


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