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Author archive for Nazia White

  • We need to change the nation’s attitude to mobility issues in older people

    In the UK, when you are “of a certain age” the expectation seems to be that if you have mobility…

  • A fun way to get some exercise and strengthen muscles

    The information we have sent about Gabriel’s physical characteristics, you have created a wonderful trike for him! He just loves…

  • Tomcat hand propelled trike wins its class in national bike tender in Norway

    Tomcat Hand-propelled trike wins National bike tender in Norway

  • Tomcat Cycle Squad Arrow

    Designed with multi-users in mind.

  • Tomcat Silver Arrow

    A multi-geared road bike with three wheels, for the more able rider.

  • Tomcat Apprentice Arrow

    A single-speed machine that is ideally suited to riders requiring a little or lot of carer supervision.

  • Van Raam Fun2Go Protection screen

    By developing a protection screen, users of the Fun2Go duo bike can still go out and enjoy a bike ride…

  • Tomcats NEW COVID Secure Showroom

    Customer safety has always been at the forefront of our design thinking, so it is only natural that we think…

  • We’ve won the prestigious Queen’s Award 2020 for innovation

    The Bullet range of tricycles for which we are proud to have won our second Queens Award. The range incorporates…

  • Boost immunity with fresh air by riding a trike

    Perhaps as important as staying fit and healthy during this tricky time of daily doom and gloom, is that a…