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  • Bionic Buddy – Power Assist for longer cycle rides

    A new Power-Assist option for use in hilly regions or difficult terrain.

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  • At Tomcat, we simply won’t let Coronavirus spoil your summer!

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    ne way in which our family decided to honour the memory of our father is to take the funds raised…

  • Tomcat Adult Mobility Trike – multiple options

    Older people lose confidence, especially in today’s traffic, but many would happily take to tri-cycling for fitness, or environmental reasons,…

  • Why do Special Needs trikes cost so much money?

    Three factors we take great pride in – quality, innovation and service. They are what make Tomcat the gold standard,…

  • Inclusive Cycling Sessions through the eyes of a student

    The combination of atmosphere and variety makes for a perfect setting for the trikes to be tried and tested by…

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    Top 5 reasons to buy a Van Raam bike from Tomcat SNI Ltd

  • My Tomcat Bullet Trike has given me legs again

    My Tomcat Bullet has given me legs again. But, more than that, it provides belief. It retrieves a damaged identity.

  • The Tomcat “e-Bullet” – “Power Assist” technology

    This British-made electric trike is completely transportable and can be driven effortlessly with easy an to use gear system or…