Finding opportunities for Eve to exercise

When Eve was born in December 2010 she experienced a number of difficulties including feeding challenges, vision problems, and it was discovered that she is profoundly deaf. Only later did Eve’s doctors learn that Eve was born with an extremely rare condition called Pontine Tegmental Cap Dysplasia (PTCD). PTCD is a non-progressive neurological disorder characterized by significant developmental delay, cranial nerve dysfunction, and malformation of the hindbrain. Individuals with PTCD may have a collection of medical and developmental problems including hearing impairment, ataxia, language and speech disorders and feeding and swallowing difficulties. The cause of PTCD has not yet been identified.

Eve’s gross motor development was slow, but after many years of physical therapy, Eve finally began to walk independently at around age six. Eve is now 9 years old but she struggles with balance and has frequent falls. It is difficult to find opportunities for exercise for Eve due to these challenges.

The right fit

We found out about Tomcat trikes through another family who has a child with PTCD who I know through a Facebook group. So we decided to explore and research online what options were available to us. We contacted Tomcat via email and after a thorough online assessment with the MD, Founder and Chief Engineer, Bob Griffin; we found the perfect trike for Eve and us!

With minimal staff still working at Tomcat HQ due to Covid-19 restrictions, the service we received was very responsive and wonderful in helping us to identify the best trike for Eve.

A cycling experience for the entire family

Eve’s Tomcat Fizz suits her needs in so many ways. First, since Eve really struggles with a regular bike with training wheels, we needed something with larger back wheels and a wider base of support. Eve is able to pedal but she does not have the balance or coordination to manage a regular bike without significant assistance. Second, I wanted something that was portable, and the Tomcat Fizz is easy and simple to break down into two smaller parts for transportation. Third, we wanted the option to bring Eve along with us for bike rides, and so the trailer attachment was a perfect option for us.

How has cycling helped improve Eve’s health/ wellbeing and fitness?

Eve’s Tomcat Fizz and the trailer attachment give Eve so much more freedom than she ever had before. Eve can finally come out with her sister and the rest of her family on bike rides.

Eve is ecstatic to be able to finally ride her trike and every time we go outside on it she signs to us that she can go fast and that she is really good at it. I think it makes Eve feel like she can finally be good at something.

I highly recommend a Tomcat trike to any child with mobility challenges who has the desire to experience more freedom and independence!