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Work like a captain, play like a pirate!

Work like a captain, play like a pirate!
9th July 2018 Bob Griffin

Tomcat’s summer party on the River Avon

To celebrate getting through a very tough beginning to 2018 founder and MD of Tomcat, Bob Griffin, decided to take us all out for a fish & chip boat cruise.

As some of you may know in January of this year we moved to our new premises, next door. Although we didn’t have to shift the ‘ol furniture too far, it was still quite an upheaval for everyone involved. However, we’re well and truly settled in now, working to maximum capacity, building trikes to order.


In the early part of July our Tomcat summer day trip started at Tewkesbury Abbey – a wonderful, wonderful place if you haven’t had a chance to see it already, you must. It also helped that it was so local to us, being a Gloucester based business, it was merely a stone’s throw from our premises (well, Okay a little bit further than that!)



Although we’re a UK wide organisation, we do tend to work with local charities on a regular basis. For example, The Tewkesbury Rotary Club has funded a few of our Tomcat trikes. You may remember the fabulous story of Josh and his family – how the local community came together to fund his trike https://tomcatuk.org/news/tewkesbury-community-comes-together-fund-trike/

After the Abbey tour, the entire Tomcat team then made their way to the fish and chip cruise on the River Avon, serviced by Severn Cruises. We were all seated on a long cabin-like table and after 20 minutes of cruising the delicious smell of fish and chips wafted through the air, making our tummies grumble very loudly.



The nicest part of sitting down with your teammates is just catching up with them – we actually all get along really well! We believe in the organisation we work for and a sense of contributing to something larger than ourselves.  It’s one of the biggest reasons why our customer service is second to none. As cliché as this may sound, we go above and beyond the call of duty because it’s who we are.


The day ended at Tewkesbury Park Hotel, only two miles away from the cruise,  with a lavish cream tea. On reflection, the common theme of the day was to exhale and relax. I think that’s exactly what we did, with renewed enthusiasm and energy ready to take on the next challenge!


For further information about the Tomcat story and why Bob Griffin started the business visit the link below

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