1. Ensure your trike is fully serviced and is in tip-top condition to tackle the cold season (so you don’t have to stop midway through a ride to pump a tyre, brrrr!) Please note you can take your Tomcat trike to your local bike shop, you don’t have to bring it to us to service 🙂
  2. Plan and prepare for all weathers prior to your bike ride.
  3. Dress appropriately for the weather outside. Wear warm clothes like hats (under your helmet) a warm coat and gloves, to mention but a few. Keep that chill at bay!
  4. Keep your tootsies warm; wear thick socks and appropriate footwear. This includes the rider and or a carer, no one likes cold feet!
  5. Good quality waterproofs can keep you not only dry but warm and some waterproof clothing can also keep out the wind. Invest in what you can 🙂
  6. Take it slow and easy. Let your body, muscles and joints adjust to the cold weather and get used to the temperature. Once you’ve warmed up you can increase the speed safely and keep yourself warm!
  7. Ensure the terrain you’re cycling on is safe for you and or the rider.
  8. Pedal with care, if it’s wet and/or raining outside (very likely with the British weather) then ensure you have the right straps to keep the rider’s feet safely in place.
  9. Wear High Viz if you’re venturing out in the early evening, remember the nights are longer in the winter and you want to be visible to all.
  10. Enjoy the ride, winter cycling doesn’t have to be a drag, if you follow the above steps you may find on a crisp, bright winter’s day there’s nothing more joyful than cycling.