At the heart of Tomcat Trikes lies a profound commitment to inclusivity, especially when it comes to crafting tricycles tailored for children with special needs. In a ground-breaking move, Tomcat have decided to infuse a touch of magic into each of their special needs trikes by commissioning the talented illustrator, India Danter. The objective: to create distinctive characters that would not only distinguish each trike but also bring a sense of joy and individuality to the young riders.

Meet the Illustrator: India Danter.
Like most artists, India Danter’s passion for drawing has been a lifelong affair. Having spent her childhood traversing the country, India found inspiration in the new people and places she encountered. Her love for storytelling through images blossomed during her extensive travels and deepened further during the COVID era when her aunt presented her with a children’s book that resonated deeply with her own childhood experiences.


The Decision to Commission India Danter:
In the quest for the perfect illustrator, Tomcat Trikes found a match in India Danter. Her unique ability to convey emotions and stories through illustrations aligned seamlessly with Tomcat’s vision for their special needs trikes. The decision was solidified by India’s rich background in storytelling through images and her genuine connection with childhood memories.

Insights from India Danter: A Journey of Creation and Discovery:
Inspiration for Creating Characters:
India Danter’s creativity was sparked by her love for inventing characters. A dedicated bookworm, she enjoyed imagining the appearance of characters and weaving them into her own narratives. For her, creating characters breathes life into a story.

Interest in Illustrations:
As a lifelong bookworm, India’s interest in illustrations grew from her fascination with the people she encountered in books. Illustrations, she believes, have the power to convey deep emotions and reveal intricate details about a character or situation.

Researching the Characters:
India’s research process involved delving into the unique features of each Tomcat trike. The Tomcat website played a pivotal role, providing essential information and visuals. Her childhood memories of play added a personal touch to each character, ensuring they harmonized seamlessly with the corresponding trike.

Learning Through Art about the Industry:
The project became a transformative journey for India. Drawing each trike multiple times and researching its components deepened her appreciation for the special needs trike industry. Tomcat’s dedication to ensuring every child experiences the joy of riding left a lasting impression.

Most Difficult Aspect:
The project presented two significant challenges for India. Firstly, capturing the specific details of each trike accurately while maintaining simplicity for children to enjoy. The second challenge was integrating cartoonish characters onto realistic structures, requiring a delicate balance.

Most Enjoyable Aspect:
India found joy in overcoming challenges, particularly in storytelling. Transforming each page into a narrative, she aimed to evoke happy memories and a sense of relatability for the audience.

Favourite Character:
India’s favourite character emerged from the Tiger trike, evoking nostalgic memories of biking around parks with family and cousins. The joyous experiences associated with creating this character made it particularly special.

As we eagerly anticipate the grand reveal of these enchanting characters, Tomcat and India Danter invite you on a magical journey of inclusion, creativity, and childhood memories. Each character, intricately designed to complement its trike, promises to make every ride a unique adventure. We’re thrilled to share these characters with you in the near future, and we encourage you to look out for a special surprise—a colouring-in page of your chosen bespoke built trike in your pack upon delivery. Tomcat and India Danter are excited to bring a touch of magic to the world of special needs trikes, creating not just rides, but cherished memories that will last a lifetime.