“When we’re due the next upgrade, it isn’t a question of if we go to Tomcat but when we go to Tomcat.”

The Beginning

Sophie’s parents, Sue and Carl, have always enjoyed being outdoors, and wanted to continue their passion for hiking, walking and cycling after the arrival of their children, Sophie and Ben. Sophie has Down’s Syndrome, celiac disease, and nystagmus, making her partially sighted, and when they went on camping holidays, the car would always be packed with any equipment that Sophie might need – an oxygen cylinder, medicines, and more. With the support of grandparents, Sophie’s parents made provisions for her so that they family were able to enjoy more normal day-to-day activities.

When Sophie was old enough, her parents decided it was time to enter the world of disabled bikes and trikes.


The Challenge

In order to make sure that Sophie could be properly involved with family cycling, the family needed a trike that:

  • Could be used both independently and as part of family cycling trips
  • Would make sure that Sophie pedalled properly
  • Would give Sophie access to independent physio


The Solution

After a google search, Sue and Carl found Tomcat trikes, with the variety of provisions and adaptations that could be made for Sophie. They booked an at-home assessment, and decided that a trike with a Trailer Trike™ adaption would be best suited to the family’s cycling needs. Travelling with the trike is made significantly easier by a Two-Piece Frame™ and Dual Axle™ allows the wheels to switch to a free-wheel drive in a situation where the trike might need to be pushed.


The Result

After buying Sophie’s first trike, the family went on lots of family trips to places like Wales, Cornwall, and Devon, where the wide-open paths allowed them to teach Sophie how to ride the trike safely. It wasn’t long because she could ride, confidently and independently.

“We noted a difference in Sophie straight away, her confidence increased as well as her self-esteem. The trike really provided her with the feel-good factor, with no barriers.”

The trike is able to serve both functionally and as a fun mode of transport for the family, and the family have been able to go on 12 mile+ cycle rides, with picnics and scenic spots along the way. The family dog is also able to hop into the children’s trailer, much to Sophie’s amusement, when he gets tired.

According to the family, the whole experience has been ‘nothing but positive.’