“Our main goal is to help Gabriel achieve his dreams and make the most of his life.”

The Beginning

Gabriel is an eight-year-old boy from Portugal, born with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. As a result of this, he isn’t able to walk, and uses a powered wheelchair to help him get about in day-to-day activities.


The Challenge

A trike suitable for Gabriel would need to:

  • Support him properly so that he could sit up and cycle
  • Be something that could be built and transported from abroad


The Solution

Gabriel’s family are always trying to discover new equipment and activities to help their son and give him a chance to try new things. They were aware of some foreign companies that might be able to provide adapted trikes, and this was how they discovered the Tomcat website. The family sent Tomcat information about Gabriel’s physical characteristics in lieu of an assessment, and the workshop were able to create an effective custom-built trike as a result of that.


The Result

Gabriel loves his trike, and it has been a fantastic way for him to exercise and strengthen his muscles, according to his mum. They are also able to go cycling as a family activity now, the trike making family days out considerably easier and more enjoyable.

“It has been a fantastic way for him to exercise and strengthen his muscles and it is lots of fun as a family activity.”


Gabriel, at home in Portugal, on his trike. The trike is blue, and Gabriel is strapped in with a chest harness. There is a foot from someone else holding the trike in place. Gabriel is smiling at the camera.