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    A fun way to get some exercise and strengthen muscles

    A fun way to get some exercise and strengthen muscles
    6th July 2020 Nazia White

    Gabriel and his Tomcat trike, a snapshot all the way from sunny Portugal

    Gabriel is eight years old and he is a happy and smart little boy. He was born with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD) so he has a lot of physical limitations. He can´t walk, so he uses a powered wheelchair to help him in his activities.

    He goes to regular school (he’s going to 3rd grade) and right now he is enjoying his Summer holidays.

    Our main goal is to help Gabriel achieve his dreams and make the most of his life, so we are always trying to discover new equipment and activities that can help him and give him a chance to try new things.

    A Tomcat trike discovery

    This is how we discovered Tomcat. We knew that there were some foreign companies that may able to provide adapted trikes to kids with disabilities and we discovered Tomcat webpage.

    We loved the trikes that we saw online, so we decided to contact you in order to get more information.

    Tomcat was just amazing! Using the information we sent about Gabriel’s physical characteristics (an online assessment form), you have created a wonderful trike for him! He just loves it!

    It has been a fantastic way for him to exercise and strengthen his muscles and it is lots of fun as a family activity.

    Thanks for all the care and attention in providing us with a fantastic piece of equipment for our child.

    Ana Marçal

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    Free Assessment

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