We learnt about Tomcat from an Occupational Therapist who we work with who mentioned that it would be great for Oscar to have a bike for therapeutic reasons. We were delighted to find out they were local to us and we contacted them for an assessment. We visited the team and were able to get Oscar on to a bike to help give him a taste of what it would feel like. A Tomcat Assessor  carried out a full assessment to look at what level of support he would need on the trike and then to put a prescription together for him.

Oscar was fully involved in the process and was very excited when he was able to choose what colour he wanted! The team were brilliant with Oscar, they reassured him when he was a bit unsure and they made it really fun for him, helping him to whizz about when trying it out. They guided us through the process explaining what their opinion was and what trike would be best to start him on.

Once we ordered the trike, it didn’t take too long to arrive and get set up for him to use. They delivered it to our home and we set off to use it immediately. If we have had any issues at any point, the team have been quick to respond, often coming to the house to correct/fix/mend it to make sure we weren’t without it for very long. They are easy to use for parents too and don’t test your driving skills too much!

The process from start to finish was really straightforward and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tomcat to anyone else looking for something like this. It ticks so many boxes.

Yes, therapeutically its fantastic but socially and mentally, it has given Oscar the feeling of freedom and space; the ability to get out on a bike with us in the garden or around where we live just like lots of children of his age.

We are hoping next to take him to the Forest of Dean so that he can explore the woods there with us on the family trail. He absolutely loves it and although it is hard work, he is very happy to be able to get out on it come rain or shine.

We are now on our second Tomcat trike and we were delighted to find out that Oscar’s first trike could be given back thought Tomcat’s Give and Take scheme and provided to another child who may get the benefit. That was really important to us.

We have been so pleased to find a piece of equipment that supports Oscar therapeutically but that also allows him to be like other children who are out on bikes and the wonderful freedom that brings. We know he is having to work hard but he doesn’t even notice because he is too busy having fun!

Thank you Tomcat, we will certainly be back for the next one when Oscar has outgrown the one he has now.