CYCALL is an inclusive cycling project based in Worthing, West Sussex. We have used Tomcat SNI as our chosen bike supplier from the very start of our organisation. When we were looking for a hand propelled trike it was the obvious choice to ask Tomcat if they had a suitable product. We spoke with Kevin and he was able to advise us that the ‘Rotor Bullet’ hand propelled trike would suit our customers perfectly. We were able to tell Kevin that versatility and flexibility to cover a wide range of needs was our priority. Kevin put together a trike that met all of our needs and beyond.

We work with adults and children with a wide range of disabilities and the ‘Rotor Bullet’ trike has proven to be especially popular with people who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle through cycling. Our oldest participant on our adapted bikes has been a 97 year old Normandy War veteran. I run CYCALL and also have a lived experience of disability because I have a form of Muscular Dystrophy. Firstly, I would like to say that nothing beats the feel of the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. As one of our parents reflected; “I honestly never thought that ** would be able to ride a bike. That smile, well it says it all”. Secondly, the adaptability of the Tomcat trikes and especially the ‘Rotor Bullet’ trike allows us to offer the joy of cycling to many people. The barriers to cycling are removed and the feeling is great.

Martine Walters, Founder of CYCALL.