The customer
Tomcat’s mission is to ensure that no physical limitation or learning difficulty is ever a barrier to participating in and enjoying cycling. For more than 25 years they have innovated and engineered pioneering solutions to help make this mission a reality. Their range of products enable those with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, or emerging mobility problems to move more easily, discover independence, and safely explore the world outside.

Tomcat offers bespoke solutions to their clients, with every trike built around their specific needs.  Many of their life changing innovations have now become international industry standard.

In recognition of their innovation and commitment to supporting people with disabilities, they have twice been awarded Britain’s highest business accolade – the Queen’s Award in Innovation, most recently in 2020.

SWMAS support throughout the years…
Tomcat first engaged with SWMAS in 2005 and a trusted relationship has developed over the years. From helping them improve productivity on the shop floor, to implementing Lean processes and assisting with the successful launch of new products, SWMAS has been on hand to offer expert advice as and when required.

The current challenge…
The existing Tomcat website was outdated and failed to capture or convert visitors to the degree required. It was determined that a new website design would help to boost sales potential and enable Tomcat to share the unique aspects of the business more effectively (such as their fully bespoke approach of designing trikes to fit each customer’s specific needs).

How SWMAS helped
Through the Gloucestershire Manufacturing Advisory Programme (GMAP), SWMAS carried out a comprehensive business review with Tomcat, which aimed to identify those areas where business improvement was required. Top of the list was the need to introduce a more dynamic, fully functional, website that clearly articulated the unique aspects of their business. A key driver in the decision-making process was a desire to effectively convey the message that Tomcat can custom-build their trikes to fit any individual need – a vital USP that sets them apart from the competition.

This improvement would also seek to provide a more user-friendly platform to promote a seamless, and more efficient, customer journey.  Once this work had been confirmed as a business imperative, it was agreed that SWMAS would contribute to the delivery of that new website through provision of a grant towards the cost of its development and subsequent implementation.

The outcome
The new website design offers a strong visual appeal and a modern, clean look. This enables customers to browse, enquire, and purchase as easily as possible with minimum click-through. Subsequently, this investment will help to boost sales potential, and allow Tomcat to share the unique aspects of the business more effectively and reach more of the people who could benefit from the products they design and manufacture.

“We like to think of ourselves as experts and ground-breaking innovators in our sector, however that doesn’t make us experts in business growth – far from it.  From experience, we know there are many pitfalls along the way, particularly during periods of rapid growth, and for that reason I have always put immense value on the mentoring and support we receive from SWMAS.

 “The work Tomcat do for people with disabilities and learning difficulties is inspiring. Their passion to fully understand and meet the individual needs of every client is unparalleled. It was a real privilege to support Tomcat and help them drive sales to ensure that their innovative, and life changing products, can benefit as many people as possible.”

 This support has been provided through the Gloucestershire Manufacturing Advisory Programme (GMAP), which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Fully funded business development support and grants are available to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies across the South West – read more here.