Megan is 10 years old, she has Cerebral Palsy diplegia which affects her legs and her arms;  she can’t stand unsupported. So, it’s quite limiting really as to what she can do, and normally she’s on the sidelines. She has a ‘K walker’ so she can walk a little bit supported but she doesn’t have the independence so she’s always with somebody else.

“To have a trike is absolutely wonderful for her, really. Hopefully she’ll get a lot of fun out of it and feel the physical benefits of it instantly.”

The design of The Tomcat Fizz is really modern, it has the parent bar (the Carer Control arm) on it so it means, as a family, we can go out or we can travel. We’ve got other children and there’s always either myself or my husband standing on the sidelines with Megan watching the others go on, so this looks like a really good option for us. We can all go out as a family, together, that in itself will be life changing.

The only downside is that I have to now get on a bike and I haven’t ridden a bike for years!

Hopefully, as a family it will be amazing; we’ll be actually able to go off for days without a wheelchair, without everybody staring and looking at us and, just in general, just having fun, just as a family should do.

Megan’s mum.

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