“As a family, it will be amazing.”

The Beginning

Megan is ten years old and has cerebral palsy diplegia, which means that she is unable to stand unsupported. While she is able to make use of a ‘K’ walker, she doesn’t have much independence and is always with somebody else.


The Challenge

Megan needed a trike that would:

  • Allow her a higher level of independence while still being supervised for safety
  • Be suitable for what she is able to cycle with limited mobility


The Solution

After an assessment with Tomcat, it was decided that Megan would be best suited to the Tomcat Fizz, including innovations such as the Carer Control™ to make sure that Megan stayed safe at all times.


The Result

The family have found that they are now able to go out and travel. Where they have previously always had to leave Megan on the side-lines with one parent or other, she is now able to join in, which the family described as ‘life-changing.’

“To have a trike is absolutely wonderful for her.”

Her mum says that she hopes they will be able to go off for days without a wheelchair eventually, instead taking the trike for Megan to get around.