Gerald’s Background
Having been a very fit person all my life I suddenly found myself forced to retire as I was diagnosed with myeloma, a type of blood cancer that caused a tumour to grow on my sacrum. This came on suddenly nine years ago. I had been the MD of a National group of companies comprising of a Joinery Manufacturing Company, Builder’s Merchants, Timber Merchants, Timber Frame House Manufacturer along with a Replacement Window Company and double glazed sealed unit operation. I retired early from this position to wind down a little and got involved with a conservatory business working as a consultant carrying out design and build along with planning and listed building applications. I also chaired the board of that company and as non-executive chairman of one other.

With the onset of my health issues I was able to cope reasonably well for some time after the initial stage, which required me to spend ten months on my back to avoid damage to my spine and especially the sacrum. I had to learn to walk again after this, which I did over a period of about three months. Then I enjoyed a number of years without too many issues apart from the need to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy as the disease flared up again. As it progressed it meant I could walk less than I was happy with. We live in a beautiful village with a tidal creek which I loved walking along with my camera, being a very enthusiastic photographer.

The Search
This is where my search for an electric trike started. I did not want a mobility scooter at this stage as I needed to exercise my legs but needed to support my back. I looked at a number of companies including Yorvik and Alpine. While the prices were similar to each other, neither gave me what I really wanted, which was a good backrest, better pedals to hold my feet secure as they have a high level of numbness because of the neuropathy. I disliked derailleurs so much I really wanted an eight speed Nexus hub.

My decision to pay the extra and get what I really wanted has proved to be the right decision, as I have never had to make any adjustments to the gears in the 14 months that I have had the trike, covering over a thousand miles.

I phoned Tomcat and was initially put off by the high quoted price, but after further thought decided I would at least have a free demonstration to try one out. This convinced me that I should spend the extra money as I could get exactly what I wanted. The seat is so comfortable I can stay on it for hours without any back pain.

Kevin gave me some excellent help on his visit and has been extremely helpful ever since, as indeed, so has everyone else in the company.

Kevin discussed the options I would need after assessing my requirements thoroughly and it proved to be exactly right. Maybe I could have saved on the splitting of the frame, as I have found in practice I virtually never use this option.

The Effect
The trike has changed my life and I can now go out along my beloved creek almost everyday and I have made many new acquaintances and even friends, which all started with them saying “I like your trike, where did you get that?”

I’m getting in my exercise while enjoying the scenery of my beautiful village. Of course it has so changed my life and has helped me to focus much more on what I can still do, rather than on what I can’t.

I would say to anyone looking for some assistance with walking, consider an electric trike first. Don’t give up on your exercise unless your health problems really demand it. The trike is so good it will truly give you a new lease of life.


Integrity of a company
One further point I should add. I am so pleased I bought from Tomcat Trikes as initially I had a severe problem with it not assisting me up the hills. It would cut out when I most needed it. This appeared to be a controller problem, but it turned out to be not that simple to fix. The trike was collected and returned to the factory and assessed, then returned, but still the problem persisted. Eventually the Production Manager and the MD came down to my home and the Production Manager came out on his trike alongside me to see where the problems were. A new controller was fitted, which made a dramatic difference, but unfortunately blew up on my first outing with it. Fortunately, Robert and Bob were still here, so my old controller was fitted back to make it usable, and a new controller was ordered from Germany. Then Kevin came and fitted it and it has been perfect ever since. I am so pleased with the service I have been given and can thoroughly recommend this company.

It is only when a product gives a problem that you truly find out the substance and integrity of the company. I have experienced this, and can say with absolute confidence that this company is well deserving of your trust.