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    Case Studies

    • An electrifying experience on the Tomcat Bullet Trike

      When you have mobility issues it really does knock your confidence and it takes a while to start…

    • “I was born to cycle”

      “The Tomcat Bullet trike gives me a feeling of joy when I ride it and now I can…

    • From trike to bike – Joe’s jubilant journey

      Once Joe got the hang of pedalling and riding with his siblings, we noticed in the first year…

    • Megan’s story

      Megan is 10 years old, she has Cerebral Palsy diplegia which affects her legs and arms

    • Exmoor Centre

      When Calvert Trust Exmoor started an appeal earlier this year to buy two new bikes

    • Tom Baker

      My son, Tom Baker, was the first child to have a Tomcat trike made for him.