A wish come true in so many ways

All about Evie

Very sadly our youngest daughter, Evie, passed away peacefully at home on the 28th of February this year (2020) – she was only 12 years old. Although her life was short, it was full of love, fun, laughter, tenderness, creativity, and adventure.

Evie had a condition called Zellweger Syndrome. This is a regressive condition caused by cells called peroxisomes that do not function normally – this, in turn, affects many organs in the body. The condition affected Evie both cognitively and physically.

By the time Evie was 14 months old, we had found out that she was moderately deaf and completely blind (multi-sensory impaired). Over time her hearing regressed and she became profoundly deaf.

When she was 6 years old, she had a cochlear implant fitted on her right side – this was the start of a new exciting journey helping Evie to listen and learn with her new CI.

Evie was a very happy and determined young person with a great sense of humor. She loved being close to people she knew well and she enjoyed many varied and fun holidays –she was always ready for her next adventure.

‘My love for cycling became Evie’s love too’

I have loved riding a bike for many years, so when Evie was given a wish by the charity, Make a Wish, I took the opportunity to find a ‘bicycle’ she could learn to ride.

After a lot of research, we came across Tomcat Trikes. On the 30th April 2012, when Evie was 4 years old, we had a trike assessment with an assessor from Tomcat who set the trike up specifically for Evie, and she had her first little ride.

Throughout Evie’s life, she had such pleasure from riding her trike – it added hugely to her quality of life. She rode it throughout the year 1 – 2 times a week. It gave her such freedom and independence – Evie loved being outside! It also helped build and maintain her muscle strength and mobility.

Towards the end of her life, as weight-bearing became harder and walking trickier, she was still able to enjoy her trike, as it was weight-supporting.

The carer control handle was perfect, as I could help Evie steer, ensuring she was safe and control her speed.

Priceless memories

Her trike came with us on so many holidays – it has ridden along many sandy beaches at low tide and been admired by both young and old.

When Evie was asked what her favourite activity was, she usually signed cycling with a huge smile on her face.

Every week, I would pick Evie up from school and we would ride through our local park – her smile was so beautiful! She loved ringing her bell!

In fact, the Tuesday before she passed away was a very memorable ride – we got caught in a very heavy sleet shower. I had taken a golf brolly, which I strategically put over her, so she was perfectly dry. Certainly, a ride to remember for so many reasons!

As Evie regressed physically, we were able to add in Tomcat accessories, to give her the support she needed, so she could continue to ride her trike until the very end of a short but wonderful life.

As Evie became tired, I put the trike into freewheel and we used to run along playing ‘run mummy, run mummy’ – she loved the speed and the wind in her face.

So many beautiful memories of her Tomcat trike.

Exceeding our expectations

The generosity and service we have received from Tomcat have been outstanding- as Evie grew, we found innovative ways to extend her trike!

Evie’s trike lives on!

We have decided to give her trike to her school, so other children can enjoy her trike, hopefully as much as Evie did. We have put this little plaque on the trike.

A beautiful looking trike, admired by so many people with the ability to add on accessories as needed – from a company who we feel truly care about their customers and offer great service. Thank you team Tomcat!