Autism is a lifelong developmental condition which affects how people see and interact with the world.  One in one hundred people are on the autistic spectrum but those with severe autism can experience many challenges and require significant care.

Austistic people have a wide variety of symptoms which will vary from person to person.  The individual nature of the condition often means bespoke solutions are needed for particular difficulties.

Physical Activity with Autism

Many autistic people find the functional side of exercise straightforward but other challenges can make physical activity more complex.  Autistic traits such as a tendency towards repetitive or restrictive behaviours, sensory issues, and social or communication difficulties can make life additionally hard.  Anxiety is a particularly common trait of autism, and those with the condition can be prone to escalations of stress in unfamiliar situations.

For those affected, new things or simply being out in the world can be a challenge which makes physical exercise difficult.

Cycling for Autism

Autism is such a broad spectrum that each customer may require their own solution – there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all bike for autism.  Once used to the new activity, most people with autism really enjoy the familiarity and achievement of cycling but may require supervision when out and about.  Others may struggle with balance or the pedal coordination required to ride a traditional bike, especially if other conditions are present too.

People with autism can find new activities challenging yet once this is overcome, cycling can transform lives and offer access to a range of social activities.

Tomcat innovations which allow a parent or carer to manage the activity can help support autistic riders.  Carer Control – which allows someone to steer and/or brake for the rider – provides assistance when needed, and Dual Axle – which switches from a fixed drive for pedalling, to a freewheel drive – enables the carer to help the rider home in times of stress of exhaustion.