Dementia is a general term covering a wide range of conditions which affect brain function.  Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia.  

Dementia causes loss of memory, language and thinking ability and is diagnosed when these are severe enough to impact on everyday life.  Often affecting independent function, dementia is a progressive disease for which there is usually no treatment or cure.

Physical Activity with Dementia

Whilst dementia doesn’t damage the physical ability of the body, sufferers can struggle with conventional physical exercise due to memory loss, confusion and lack of cognitive function.  Many dementia sufferers are able to continue with some kind of physical activity for a long time but may need extra care and supervision.

Cycling for Dementia

Cycling offers a much easier way to exercise for dementia sufferers than walking if safety is prioritised.  

Custom building the right machine can help someone at almost any stage of dementia continue to enjoy fresh air and exercise.  Once the right trike is specified, our assessor will look at adding appropriate supervision or safety devices for those cycling with dementia.

Carer Control or Carer Braking enables a companion to take over steering or stopping controls at any time.  Our Wireless Braking System can offer electronic remote braking and our Bionic Buddy gives electric power at walking pace to help a carer assist the rider home.

Another excellent solution for biking with dementia would be a companion cycle from our Van Raam range.  Tomcat are premier dealers for Van Raam bikes with three outlets in the UK with showroom facilities to view and test the products.  Van Raam manufactures a wide range of independent trikes, easy access bikes, tandems, rickshaws and companion cycles.  Companion cycles are tricycles in which two side-by-side seats allow the customer to enjoy the experience of cycling whilst their companion controls the ride.

Cycling can be made both safe and effective for dementia sufferers at any level, with Tomcat’s skilled assessment process, custom building and set up training on delivery.