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“Make and Brake” control cables

The problem to be solved!

Multi-Geared trikes are always “One Piece” because gear cables connect the handlebars with the gear mechanisms but transportability of multi-geared trikes was required for family inclusion.

The Solution

We designed our “Make and Brake” system to compliment our “Two Piece Frame” trikes. When a frame is split, key cables disengage at the interface and re-engage on reassembly. It’s not magic but the ability to transport a large trike is!


  • Automatic make and break of control cables on Two Piece Tomcat tricycles
  • Works with gear or brake cables


  • Enables large geared trikes, Trailer-Trikes and Low Sitting Trikes, to be easily transported
  • Enables all geared trikes to be stored on a garage wall with our wall storage accessory
  • Enables a geared trike to be converted to a geared trailer

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