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Swivel Saddle and Transfer Step

The problem to be solved!

Many organisations have a “No manual handling” policy that excludes potential riders with poor standing transfer abilities. An easy, safe and non-lifting way to get a rider seated was required.

The Solution

We designed a swivel saddle that rotates the rider into the ride position whilst a low step elevates them to saddle height. Stress and lifting are eliminated and only guidance is required.


  • The swivel saddle adjusts for height like any saddle but has left and right swivel action with automatic locking
  • Local or handlebar release options are available
  • The Step has a non-slip surface and “rider height” arms for safety and reassurance


  • Enables access to cycling in schools and cycle centres
  • Enables independence and reduces anxiety in the rider
  • Transfers can be achieved by just one carer and manual handling is eliminated

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