Tomcat SNI Ltd, a renowned tricycle manufacturer, is thrilled to announce the appointment of a new Dutch importer as part of its strategic expansion plan in the world’s leading cycling nation.

The Netherlands has long been celebrated as a country that embraces cycling as a popular mode of transportation and recreational activity. With its extensive network of cycling lanes, bike-friendly infrastructure, and strong cycling culture, the Netherlands offers an excellent opportunity for Tomcat SNI Ltd to expand its presence and cater to the needs of the discerning Dutch cycling community.
The new Dutch importer, Winon Driewielers, headed by Founder Meino Seino, will be entrusted with the task of introducing and distributing Tomcat’s exceptional range of tricycles throughout the country. Tomcat is confident that this partnership will lead to successful market penetration, bringing their high-quality tricycles within easy reach of Dutch cyclists of all ages and abilities.
Meino Seinen says:

“I first made contact with Tomcat in 2020, which was a pleasant experience and left a lasting impression due to Tomcat’s technical innovations and high-quality products. In late 2022, I visited Tomcat to establish a partnership to introduce the Tomcat brand to the Netherlands as represented by Winon Driewierlers.
The goal is to give people, who are no longer able or are afraid to ride a regular two-wheel bicycle, back their freedom. The Netherlands, as a country well-known for its cycling culture and beautiful natural scenery, makes it the perfect market for the growth of tricycles, particularly among seniors who want to stay fit, healthy, and active.”

Tomcat’s commitment to innovation and excellence has earned them a distinguished reputation globally, including winning the highly coveted Queen’s Award in Innovation, twice. Their tricycles are not only designed for exceptional performance but also prioritise safety and comfort. By combining cutting-edge technology with precision engineering, Tomcat tricycles offer an unparalleled cycling experience, making them an ideal choice for riders seeking reliability, style, and functionality.

The collaboration with the new Dutch importer is expected to bolster Tomcat SNI Ltd’s presence in the Netherlands and enable cycling enthusiasts to access their range of products conveniently. This strategic move reflects Tomcat SNI’s dedication to meeting the diverse demands of cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

“We are delighted to partner with the Dutch importer Winon to bring our tricycles to the Netherlands. As a nation that deeply cherishes cycling, we believe our premium tricycles will resonate with Dutch riders and enrich their cycling experiences. This marks an exciting chapter in our journey as we expand our footprint in one of the world’s most significant cycling markets,” said Bob Griffin, CEO and Founder of Tomcat SNI Ltd.

Tomcat and the new Dutch importer are eager to work collaboratively to ensure a seamless and successful launch of their tricycle range in the Netherlands.