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    Cycling to work scheme is accessible to all

    Cycling to work scheme is accessible to all
    31st July 2019 Nazia White

     An All-Inclusive cycle to work scheme

    If you have a mobility issue or additional support needs which mean you cannot ride a standard bicycle, then consider getting a new cycle or trike through Green Commute Initiative.

    Green Commute Initiative is the UK’s industry-leading cycle to work provider with no £1,000 limit. No limit means that specialist and adapted cycles are available on the scheme. No limit coupled with savings of at least 32% (and as much as 47%) means your new cycle is more affordable than you think.



    It’s easier to cycle

    The majority of cyclists with mobility issues find riding a bike easier than walking. According to recent research by Transport for London, 78% of disabled people are able to cycle.
    Improve your independence Mobility experts see cycling as a way to help people with mobility issues move around cities independently. In fact, for many people, cycles and trikes have become mobility aids.

    Any cycle, any price

    With GCI, you can get any cycle to suit your needs. You might require an adapted standard bike. For example, a longer stem, a wider saddle, curved handlebars, crank shorteners, or pendulum pedals might be all you need. Or a specialist / bespoke cycle such as a trike or a recumbent might be the solution. These are all available on GCI.

    E-bikes are the future

    E-bikes are ideal for all commuters, no matter what their ability. The assistance kicks in when needed so hills and distances are no longer obstacles to cycling. E-bikes and E-trikes are growing in popularity with people who are adapting to new health conditions or managing pain and symptoms.

    How does GCI work?

    Choose your cycle package then complete a pro-forma invoice and pass it to your employer. Once your employer pays GCI and you sign the agreements, we’ll pay the supplier and send you a collection voucher. You then use this voucher to receive your cycle. In return for the cycle, you sacrifice some of your salary. Because you are not paying tax or NI on this amount, you’ll make a substantial saving of between 32% and 47%.

    What is salary sacrifice?

    With cycle to work, the salary sacrifice means the employee accepts a new salary package which is made up of cash plus the cycle. For example, if you earn £30,000 and want a trike worth £2,000, with a salary sacrifice you would get £28,000 cash and the £2,000 trike.
    If the salary sacrifice takes you below minimum wage, then you’ll need to look at a cheaper cycle.

    How much can you save?

    A basic rate taxpayer (earning less than £50,000) will save 32% on the cost of the cycle. A higher rate taxpayer (earning over £50,000) will save 42% on the cost of the cycle.

    No lump sum – pay monthly

    There is no lump sum to find as you make monthly salary sacrifices over an agreed period of time.

    Download the flyer for further information – Green Commute Flyer

    Visit Green Commute’s website and use the savings calculator to find out how much you can save.

    Tomcat and Green Commute will be exhibiting at next year’s Naidex between 17th and 18th March 2020. Read the full press release here 


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