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    How a Bright Pink trike can help ‘a Guy’ with MS to walk his dog again

    How a Bright Pink trike can help ‘a Guy’ with MS to walk his dog again
    20th February 2018 Nazia White

    Guy Mortenson is a mature student at the University of Gloucestershire. He explains how the original impetus of the Tomcat Bullet Trike came from a third-year student George Helder (also from the UoG) who started a GoFundMe page to raise money towards the trike after Guy had attended a Wheels for All inclusive cycling session at the Prince of Wales stadium. Guy saw something that would benefit him enormously with exercise and transport, as well as the possibility of taking his dog for a ‘walk’. Another friend, Tracey approached the trustees at the Gloucestershire Disability Fund for help and Guy contacted Words for the Wounded for the final piece to the funding puzzle.

    Guy says:

    I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Polycythemia Ruba Vera which puts in me in the LINC unit of Edward Jenner at Glos Royal every two weeks – it’s a red blood cell cancer/disorder, and Chronic Thrombo Embolic Pulmonary Hypertension (try saying that after a visit to the pub) which is a lung disorder that puts pressure on my heart. Rest assured, I’m off to get a heart rate monitor this afternoon.

    So the obvious thing to do, as my son would say, is ‘go hard or go home’.

    I am really pleased that finds were raised because this now means that I can walk Zen.

    Guy’s Tomcat Bullet trike is painted pink in aid of breast cancer awareness, a head turner to say the least, certain to capture the eye of a passerby, particularly when you add to the scene a burly guy (no pun intended!) with a Mohican cut hairstyle riding the trike!

    Guy is intent on not only being able to walk his wonderful companion, the German Shepherd, Zen, but – and here’s the challenge – he is intending to cycle the entire length of the A40 on a charity fundraising mission. During the journey, he hopes to have a Riding for the Disabled Association pony with him as well as Zen.

    Bob Griffin, founder of Tomcat says

    “Tomcat will always try and find a way for children and adults with mobility challenges to integrate into mainstream sports activities like cycling because it has so many health and social integration benefits.  At its best, cycling can change the future from life spent in a wheelchair to walking, and that is a rite of passage to us all.  “It is great to be able to assist in giving people independence.”

    For further information about the Tomcat Bullet visit:

    Teenage & Adult Trikes



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