Since 1997 design engineer and founder of Tomcat SNI Ltd, Bob Griffin, has given the special needs cycling industry innovations such as Carer Control™. Today, Tomcat has raised the bar yet again by reinventing the semi-recumbent trike which is set to blow the competition out of the water.

Semi recumbent (or low sitting) trikes have always been popular where adults have balance, coordination or access problems. However, the industry has done little to help the wider adult community with disabilities, despite the health and social benefits that cycling undoubtedly provides.

For nearly twenty years, Tomcat has been recognised as the world’s most prolific innovator in the field of disabled children’s trikes, with over 40 innovations to its credit. Some, such as Carer Control™ (rear steering and braking by the carer) have become worldwide industry standards. The company believes that providing a child has a degree of usable power in at least one arm or leg, that they can get them mobile.

Now Tomcat has turned its attention to the adult community, adapting its many technologies so that adults with almost any mental or physical difficulty can enjoy the benefits of outdoor cycling thanks to the “Bullets” unique technology. Bob Griffin explains,

“The Bullet is equipped with many “world firsts” for disabled users, for example, its swivel seat makes standing transfers easier, and hoist transfers possible whilst Carer Control, allows those with learning difficulties, blindness or spatial impairment to ride in perfect safety. The Bullets telescopic seat and pedal adjustment, mean that riders with moderate to severe physical disability can stay seated whilst leg length adjustments are made and this is a big problem solved for cycle centre technicians, for example”.

He goes onto say,

“The Bullet has power assist for riders who suffer from weakness and fatigue, and perhaps the most far reaching technology is its ability to disassemble in seconds for easy transport in a family car. We believe that the Bullet is the most important advance in adult mobility in years, with the ability to prolong independence for the more able, or bring new independence and freedom to the less able.”

The Tomcat Bullet is due to launch in April 2017 and will be available in cycling centres around the UK, with a view of exporting to the rest of the world by the end of the year. Bob Griffin adds,

“Our business is an ongoing process of learning, inventing, and overcoming and we frequently have complex cases referred to us by children’s hospitals, paediatricians and therapists. We are very grateful to the many charities who support us, and understand what we do. For them and for us there can be few more rewarding jobs than changing lives.”