Customer safety has always been at the forefront of our design thinking, so it is only natural that we think safety-first for our visiting customers during the present crisis.

As the lockdown eases and the process of designing, building, and delivering our products returns, we want to invite our customers back to a COVID safe environment for both staff and visitors. Appointments MUST be booked in advance.


We are immensely proud to announce that we have just opened a new and spacious showroom adjacent our factory, with space to trial all the products both indoors and out.  Being private, the approach road to Tomcat is also very quiet for our high-performance road models, testing.

On entry to the showroom, we have a sanitiser station for use by staff and visitors and our assessors wear face masks for your protection.   Each product is individually sanitized in the presence of the customer, immediately before use, however, because of the large area of clear material in the roof construction, all demo products are constantly bathed in long-wave UV light – a natural Covid-19 sanitizer.

There are two bathrooms within the showroom space which are serviced daily and after each use, and of course, we always practice – and ask our visitors to practice – safe distancing at all times.


That said, a visit to Tomcat remains what it has always been, a warm, friendly, welcoming event where hopes and dreams are made come true, not with a magic wand, but with design innovation, custom building and the very best customer service possible because our customers are our business.

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