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    Two VIPs visit Leeds Hospital

    Two VIPs visit Leeds Hospital
    7th July 2017 Nazia White

    Two VIPs visit Leeds hospital

    We’re very proud of our Tomcat Give & Take (G&T) Scheme, an initiative that aims to house second hand trikes to charitable or public funded organisations. To date, we have successfully donated approximately 400 trikes which has resulted in helping thousands of children all over the UK.

    If you are a charitable or public funded organisation that provides learning, respite or support facilities to children with special needs then you are eligible to “Adopt a Tomcat”. Because we want our adopted Tomcats to help as many children as possible, we cannot donate them to individuals or residential facilities. For further information about our G&T initiative, and how to apply or donate a trike click here.

    You may, or may not be aware of this; but every single Tomcat trike we design and manufacture is allocated a serial number – a personal passport if you like. So, potentially, we could track the journey of any of our trikes.

    One particular trike that started its life like all the trikes we build at Tomcat HQ – bespoke and, specifically designed for the rider – returned to us as a Give & Take donation. Surprisingly, the trike’s journey took a rather glamorous turn that involved a prince!

    Leeds Hospital

    Our Assessor in the North, Martin Griffiths, delivered this particular donated G&T trike to the children’s ward, at Leeds hospital last Friday. It’s clear to see from the photo below; the trike was a huge hit with the nurses!


    The nurses on the ward are very grateful to the family who donated the trike, and hope that many, many children will ride the trike for the remainder of its days!

    Princely Ambitions

    Now, about that prince…well, whilst Martin was on his visit at Leeds hospital, it just so happened that Prince Harry, third in line for the throne, was also on a royal visit!

    Martin declared that,

    If I had stood any closer to Prince Harry I would’ve asked him to sit on the trike too, maybe go on a short ride!

    Can you imagine! So the arrival of a donated Tomcat trike coincided with a royal visit – in our opinion you can’t ask for a more glamorous Give & Take scenario!

    Ultimately, the generous gesture of donating a trike to Leeds hospital will do so much to help children recover from their surgery, or just to have a little bit of much needed fun!

    For further information about our Give & Take scheme or our other Greencat initiatives click here



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