Twister Shoes

Handmade in Italy, the Tomcat Twisters kids and adult collection by Diomedi is designed for fully independent use by AFO, DAFO and splint users or those with reduced mobility or grip.

Before purchasing, always check your shoe size using the video guide here and at the page below.

Free P&P on all orders. Click here for further information on delivery times. Tomcat SNI Ltd is the exclusive distributor of the Twister shoes for UK and Republic Ireland.

Dear Tomcat, the Twister shoes have arrived, mum said they have eliminated all the stress from trying to put shoes on top of the splints, they were a fraction big but hopefully she will grow into them when the splints changeover. Brilliant shoes, great service thanks again.

Three children lying in a grassy field, feet facing the camera. One has their feet in the air.

Twister Shoes

Thanks to its tilting rear spoiler, the shoe can be completely opened as though it was an open slipper, thus allowing the foot to slip easily into place.

The Tomcat Twister’s clever BOA® lacing system then closes the spoiler and adjusts the shoe to fit the foot perfectly. This means there are no pressure points on the instep which are commonplace with laces and Velcro, whilst the simplicity of the BOA lacing system means the shoe can be fitted and laced with just one hand.

Separately sized shoes aren’t necessary. Because the shoe’s unique twisting lace mechanism keeps tightening by 1mm with each click, simply keep twisting and the shoe tightens to accommodate the foot without the splint too! Check the video explaining how to do the measurement and find your size in the conversion charts.