An image of a green Silver Bullet on a white background.
An image of a green Silver Bullet on a white background.

Electric Flame Foot Propelled Adult Trike

From £4,666.00

The Tomcat Electric Flame is an electric power assisted, multi-geared trike, suitable for adults of all ages. Essentially, it's a performance bicycle with three wheels, however, it has some impressive options for easy transportability, excellent accessibility, and wide ranging adjustability. This makes the Electric Flame suitable for almost every user's needs, but if necessary, we can customise to your particular requirements. For comfort, its seat and backrest are fully upholstered, whilst the natural sitting angle of the backrest promotes better posture and eliminates neck strain often associated with recumbent designs.
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But the Flame’s stand-out advantage over other trikes is its transportability. This feature enables the trike to be carried in the boot of most family cars with spanner free assembly in seconds. To achieve this, it has a divisible frame, quick release seating, folding handlebars and optional quick release wheels. For the technically minded all control cables and wires automatically “break and make” using our patent pending “Connect” system. If you want a trike designed to travel, the Electric Flame has no equal.
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Standard Features

  • 250w Electrical Power Assist with 6 power support levels
  • Press button start aid.  Up to 6 kph without pedaling
  • Battery condition display
  • 8 Speed, Shimano Hub drive
  • Rear wheels differential drive
  • Front drum and rear disc brakes
  • Fully Upholstered seat and backrest
  • Self Centring Steering™
  • More visible than a recumbent
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Popular Optional Features

  • 2 Piece, Quick Release, Divisible Frame™
  • Tomcat Connect™auto split / reconnect of gear, brake and electrical controls
  • Pitstop™, Quick Release Wheels
  • “Go Back”™ non electric reverse drive
  • Instant Multi-User adjustability
  • Swivel Seating
  • Tilting Backrest
  • Customizable
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An annotated CAD image of a Tomcat Silver Bullet. Title reads: Tomcat Silver Bullet Trike. Subtitle reads: Popular Standard and Optional Features. Labels read: Two Piece Quick Release Transportable Frame (See Tomcat Connect in Innovations Sections); Self-Centring Steering; Front, Drum and Rear Disc brakes, with Park brake; 15cm Telescopic Crank Adjustment; 8 Speed Inter8 Shimano Hub and Differential Drive; 15.5mpn 36V E-Drive; Upholstered seat with tilt, swivel, slide and Quick Release options. Additional label in green reads: See below for the full range of features, accessories, and innovations.
Victoria sat on a Silver Bullet on her driveway, in front of a large fir hedge.
“Tomcat staff were very welcoming, and made me feel that they understood the importance of the trike fitting my short stature, and we discussed the pros and cons of having shorter cranks on the pedals, so my knees could rotate them properly. Bob took a series of measurements, which no-one else had done. He was able to assure me that the trike would fit me. I was able to actually sit on a trike and try it out on the car park in front of the building. I immediately realised that this was the right product. The Silver Bullet is perfect for me!”
Victoria Finch


We believe the Tomcat Electric Flame trike is the most important advance in adult mobility for years – thanks to its astonishing versatility and number of key unique innovations.

It’s ideal for anyone looking to prolong or enhance mobility regardless of age, or physical barriers.

For a comfortable ride and easy access

The Flame’s upholstered, low seat, recumbent style setup is in the ideal position for both access and posture, making it very easy to use and comfortable across long distances.  The options of a Sliding and/or Swivel Seat™ allow riders to turn the seat to one side, sit and smoothly and easily swivel and slide the seat into their ideal position.  

For easy transport and storage

The two-part frame means the Flame can be taken apart, packed away, and assembled again in seconds.  The Quick Release Frame™ has been deliberately designed to be easy to use independently.  By placing the trike on a stand before lifting the interlock and release levers, it is completely stable, putting you in control throughout.

For a revolution in adult mobility

Tomcat’s newest innovation allows the Flame to split gear, braking, and electronic controls quickly and easily at a single point.  The Connect System™ is integral with the Quick Release Frame™.  When the frame is separated, the handlebar-mounted controls simultaneously disconnect in one smooth movement.  Reassembling the trike seamlessly rejoins all connections, controls, and functions.  This is a truly groundbreaking invention that enables us to combine familiar cycling technology with a fully transportable and versatile trike. 

For multi-use environments

The ‘Special Edition’ option adapts this trike for multi-use environments by combining a sliding and swivelling seat with telescopic cranks.  This allows rapid adjustment to fit any rider even whilst they are seated.  As a result, setting up is quicker and less stressful for both the rider and technician.

Case Study

Victoria, on her driveway in front of a large wall of green hedge, sat on her Tomcat Bullet trike. She is smiling.

We need to change the nation’s attitude to mobility issues in older people

Victoria was able to use her tomcat trike to exercise and improve her health as she got older.

Technical Specification

Sizing Chart

Approx min Age14+
Min inside leg 65cm
Max inside leg 92cm
Approx min height135cm

Technical Spec

Overall Length *180cm
Overall Width74cm
Height Seat to Ground *60cm
Height handlebar to Ground94cm
Wheel Size20″
Trike Weight *23kg
Max User Weight120kg
* Measurement for basic model, this value will change depending on the specification chosen.

User Manuals

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