A picture of a red Tomcat Dragon on a white background. The trike has a safety flag behind the seat.
A person sat on a green Tomcat Dragon, smiling at the camera.
A picture of a red Tomcat Dragon on a white background. The trike has a safety flag behind the seat.
A person sat on a green Tomcat Dragon, smiling at the camera.

Tomcat Dragon

£1,461.00 exc VAT

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The Tomcat Dragon is a safe, stable, easy to use trike for fully independent teenagers and adults. Designed specifically for multi-use, this fun trike adapts easily to many different riders. A series of Tomcat innovations has made the Dragon one of the safest and most straightforward multi-use trikes on the market.
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A clever integrated drive mechanism avoids chain problems whilst a purpose built sliding seat rail eliminates wobble or jams, allowing riders to adjust their position precisely and easily. Incredible stability has been achieved with a Self-Centering Steering system which ensures perfect balance and maneuverability whilst always naturally drifting back to centre.
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An image of an empty park with trees around the edge and a path running up the edge.


  • Suitable for 14 years and up
  • Robust, tough and stable frame
  • Single speed fixed drive
  • Self-Centering Steering™ for a stable, responsive ride
  • Bucket Seat with 20cm slide adjustment
  • Front Caliper and Rear Disc Brakes
  • Fully enclosed chain drive (Inside the frame) 
  • Full length chain guides for smooth and silent motion
  • No Chain-guards, exposed chain or sprockets
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  • Freewheel and Dual Drive™ options
  • Folding Frame
  • Self-levelling pedals with straps
  • Recoil type Lap Strap
  • Basket and Quick Release Carrier
  • Safety flag and holder
  • LED Rechargeable Lighting Set
  • Mirrors
  • Spoke Guard, Wheel Covers
  • Puncture proof tyres
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An annotated CAD image of a Tomcat Dragon. Title reads: Tomcat Dragon. Subtitle reads: Popular Standard/option features. Labels read: Handlebar-mounted gear-changer; Two-Piece Quick-Release Transportable Frame; Variety of foot and leg support options; 5 Speed Hub Drive; Variety of trunk supports. Additional labels in green reads: See below for the full range of features, accessories, and innovations.
A person sat on a green Tomcat Dragon, smiling at the camera.
"This is absolutely incredible and amazing and fab. My new bike just arrived. It was a big surprise. Mam is wonderful. It's for Christmas. I'm very lucky. Thank you Martin from @TomcatSNILtd"


The Dragon uses a series of innovations to make it one of the toughest, yet safest and most stable multi-use trikes on the market.

Its Integrated Drive Mechanism neatly encapsulates the chain within the main frame, avoiding all the usual chain issues and keeping it in prime condition for smooth running.  An easy chain tensioning device is provided via a small lever at the front of the frame.

Our purpose built Sliding Seat Rail was designed specifically to avoid wobbly or jammed seat movements, allowing multiple riders to smoothly and easily move the seat into their ideal position.

The innovative Self-Centering Steering™ system helps balance the trike and improve stability and manoeuvrability.  By over-correcting the natural forces which give the front wheel a tendency to tip, cornering is smooth and balanced, and the trike will naturally favour a straight steering direction.  Disc brakes on the rear wheels increase safety and reduce stopping distances.

Technical Specification

Sizing Chart

Approx min Age12+
Approx Min/Max inside leg65cm / 92cm
Approx min/max height135cm / 188cm

Technical Spec

Overall Length *195cm (130cm folded)
Overall Width76cm
Height Seat to Ground*53cm
Height handlebar to Ground*105cm
Seat Slide20cm
BrakesCalliper Front / Disc Rear
Front Wheel20″ with Schrader valve
Rear Wheels24″ with Schrader valve
Trike Weight*27kg
Max User Weight120Kg
*Measurement for basic model, this value will change depending on the specification chosen.

User Manuals

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