A red Rotor Bullet on a white background. The trike is hand-propelled.
A person sat on a red Tomcat trike in a carpark, smiling at the camera.
A red Rotor Bullet on a white background. The trike is hand-propelled.
A person sat on a red Tomcat trike in a carpark, smiling at the camera.

Tomcat Rotor Bullet

From £3,016.00*

The Rotor Bullet is a multi-speed hand-propelled trike for adults with limited or no use of the legs. It can also be made to offer both hand and foot propulsion - creating therapeutic exercise for the whole body, helping to tone muscles and increase blood flow. Its low-sitting position creates an easy transfer and stable ride, whilst the natural angle of the backrest is better for posture and relieves neck strain issues often encountered with more recumbent designs.

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A flat, cushioned seat with optional swivel and detachable, Swing Away leg supports enable easy access as well as providing extra security and support for the rider. When Carer Control or Carer braking functions are added, a companion can both steer and brake for the rider, allowing supervised use if required. The Rotor’s light, two-piece frame easily comes apart for transport or storage, whilst also enabling Trailer Trike conversion for accompanied rides.
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  • Suitable for adults and young persons over 14 years old (approx)
  • Ergonomically engineered for good posture
  • 8 Speed, Shimano Inter8 Hub drive
  • Front hub and rear disc brakes 
  • 15cm Telescopic Crank Adjustment™
  • 12cm Occasional Use, Seat Slide Adjustment
  • Telescopic Hand Cranks
  • Rotor Bullet Basic – £2847.00
  • Rotor Bullet Basic Transportable – £3357.00
  • Rotor Bullet Basic with Electric Power-Assist (EPA) – £4566.00
  • Rotor Bullet Basic Transportable with EPA – £5662.00
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  • 2 Piece Quick Release Frame™ (Transport Feature)
  • Quick Release Seat™ (Transport Feature)
  • Pitstop, Quick Release Wheels™ (Transport Feature)™
  • Tomcat Connect™ (Transport Feature) Splits and reconnects gear, brake and electronic controls with the 2 Piece Quick Release Frame
  • Carer Control™
  • Left and Right, self locking Swivel Seat™ 
  • 12cm Frequent Use, Seat Slide Adjustment™
  • Tilting Backrest 
  • 36v Battery Power Assist 15.5mph (28kph) 
  • 36v Bionic Buddy Battery Powered Drive 3mph (5kph)
  • Multi-User Special Edition™ Bullet (Sliding Seat, Swivel Seat and Telescopic Cranks, combo) 
  • Swing Away™ Leg Gutter Supports
  • Full, foot, legs, pelvis, waist, trunk, arms, head and hands, support accessories
  • Customizable Height Backrest
  • Basket and Quick Release Carrier
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An annotated CAD image of a Tomcat Rotor Bullet. Title reads: Tomcat Rotor Bullet Trike. Subtitle reads: Popular Standard and Optional Features. Labels read: Two Piece Quick Release Transportable Frame (See Tomcat Connect in Innovations Section); Telescopic Power Head with gear, motor and braking control on hand grips; Front Caliper rear disc brakes with Park Brake; 8 Speed Inter8 Shimano Hub Drive; Swing Away Leg Gutter Supports; 15cm Leg Length Adjustment; Pitstop Quick Release Wheels; 15.5mph 36V E-Drive; Upholstered seat with tilt, swivel, slide and Quick Release options. Additional label in green reads: See below for the full range of features, accessories, and innovations; 15.5mph 36V E-Drive or Bionic Buddy option available.
A person sat on a red Tomcat trike in a carpark, smiling at the camera.
“Darren really enjoyed using the @TomcatSNILtd Rotor hand propelled trike at Saturday's CYCALL session. #cyclingforall #adaptedcycling #cyclingcomesinmanyforms #greatexercise”
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The Rotor Bullet is a smart, versatile hand propelled trike able to support both independent and supervised riders thanks to a series of innovations.

For a comfortable ride and easy access

The Rotor’s upholstered, low seat is in the ideal position for both access and posture, making it very easy to use and comfortable across long distances.  The options of a Sliding and/or Swivel Seat™ allows riders to turn the seat to one side, sit, then smoothly and easily swivel and slide the seat into their ideal position.  

Rather than calipers, fully adjustable, gutter-style, detachable Swing Away™ Leg Supports securely hold the legs and feet in place and rotate out of the way to clear the loading area, before easily rotating back into the riding position.

For control and safety

Optional Carer Control™ allows a pedestrian to both steer and brake from behind when needed, whilst the Carer Braking™ strap allows the rider to take control whilst the carer applies the brake if needed.

For easy transport and storage

The two part frame means the Rotor can be taken apart, packed away and assembled again in seconds.  The Quick Release Frame™ feature has been deliberately designed to be easy to use independently.  By placing the trike on a stand before operating the release latch, it is completely stable, putting you in control throughout.

For a revolution in adult mobility

Tomcat’s newest innovation allows the Rotor to split braking and electronic controls quickly and easily at a single point.  The Connect System™ is integral with the Quick Release Frame™.  When the frame is separated, the handlebar mounted controls simultaneously disconnect in one smooth movement.  Reassembling the trike seamlessly rejoins all connections, controls and functions.  This is a truly groundbreaking invention which enables us to combine familiar cycling technology with a fully transportable and versatile trike. 

For multi use environments

The ‘Special Edition’ option adapts this trike for multi use environments by combining  a sliding and swivelling seat with telescopic cranks.  This allows rapid adjustment to fit any rider even whilst they are seated.  As a result, setting up is quicker and less stressful for both the rider and technician.

Technical Specification

Sizing Chart

Approx min age12
Min height135cm
Max height 188cm
Overall Length *196cm
Overall Width74cm
Height Seat to Ground * 60cm
Height handlebar to Ground *115cm
Wheel Size20″
Trike Weight * 25kg
Max User Weight 120kg
* Measurement for basic model, this value will change depending on the specification chosen.

User Manuals

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