An image of an Apprentice Arrow, with head and chest supports, and Carer Control, on a white background.
An image of an Apprentice Arrow, with head and chest supports, and Carer Control, on a white background.

Tomcat Apprentice Arrow

From £1,780.00*

The Apprentice Arrow is a stable, low-sitting trike created especially for young people requiring carer support and supervision. This single-speed trike can be used independently but is ideal for supervised use. When Carer Control functions are added to the Apprentice, a pedestrian carer can safely steer and brake for the rider, allowing safe exploration outdoors.

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Its low-sitting position creates an easy transfer and more stable ride, whilst the natural angle of the backrest is better for posture and relieves neck strain issues often encountered with more recumbent designs. The Apprentice has a light, two-piece frame which easily comes apart for transport or storage, whilst also enabling Trailer Trike conversion for accompanied rides.
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  • Suitable for children and young people aged 7-14 
  • Ergonomically engineered for good posture
  • Single speed, fixed, freewheel or Dual Drive™ options
  • ‘Special Edition’ option adapts the trike for multi use environments 
  • Self-Centering Steering™ ensures a stable and responsive ride
  • Carer Control™ (steering and braking) or Carer Braking™ options
  • Fully upholstered seat and backrest or optional molded seat
  • Optional swivel seat feature
  • Upholstered seat with 20cm seat adjustment
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  • 20 cm sliding seat option, for frequent use
  • Two part Quick Release Frame™ for easy storage and transportability
  • Optional Tomcat Pit Stop™ removable drive wheels 
  • Telescopic Crank with 15cm adjustment 
  • Telescopic Crank with 15cm sliding adjustment option, for frequent use
  • Strapped foot shoes and leg support options
  • Head support options
  • Thoracic harness, cushioned laterals, waist and lap strap options
  • Rear basket, mudguard and mitts options
  • Rechargeable battery power assist options to 5kph (Bionic Buddy™)
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An annotated CAD image of a Tomcat Apprentice Arrow. Title reads: Tomcat Apprentice Arrow Trike. Labels read: Two Piece Quick Release Transportable Frame; Self-Centring Steering; 15cm Telescopic Crank Adjustment; Variety of foot and leg support options; Single Speed drive with customised ration and fixed, freewheel, or dual drive; Pitstop, Quick Release Wheels; Full Carer Control; Upholstered seat with tilt, swivel, slide and Quick Release options. Additional label in green reads: See below for the full range of features, accessories, and innovations.
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The Apprentice Arrow is a smart, versatile trike able to support both independent and supervised riders thanks to a series of innovations.

For a comfortable ride and easy access

The Apprentice Arrow’s upholstered, low seating is in the ideal position for both access and posture, making it very easy to use and comfortable across long distances.  By including Sliding and/or Swivel Seat™ options, a rider can turn the seat to one side for access, sit, and then smoothly swivel and slide the seat into its ideal position.  

For control and safety

Carer Control™ allows a parent or supervisor to both steer and brake from behind when needed, whilst the Carer Braking™ strap allows the child to take control whilst you apply the brake if needed. 

For a powered drive

The Bionic Buddy™ allows the Apprentice Arrow to be motorised when needed, at a walking pace, in order to assist the rider and the carer.  No pedalling is required for the motor to take over, and the throttle can be controlled by either rider or carer.  This low-speed e-drive accessory is fully legal for use on UK pavements and pathways.

For easy transport and storage

The two part frame means the Apprentice can be taken apart, packed away and assembled again in seconds.  The Quick Release Frame™ has been deliberately designed to be easy to manage independently.  By placing the trike on a stand before operating the release mechanism, it is completely stable, keeping you in control throughout.

For multi use environments

The ‘Special Edition’ option adapts this trike for multi-use environments by combining  a sliding and swivelling seat with telescopic cranks.  This allows rapid adjustment to fit any rider even whilst they are seated.  As a result, setting up is quicker and less stressful for both the rider and technician.

Technical Specification

General Specification (Base Model)

Approximate Minimum User Age7 years
Approximate Maximum User Age14 years
Approximate Minimum User Height125cm
Approximate Maximum User Height176m
Maximum User Weight100kg

Technical Spec

Overall Length 165cm
Overall Width 74cm
Seat Height to Ground *60cm
Overall Height to Ground *89cm
Wheel Size Front / Rear16” x 20”
Trike Weight *19kg
Crank Length150mm
Gearing 8 speed Shimano Inter8 HubYes
Braking Front V Brake / Rear DiscsYes
Power AssistOff-road Only
Motor power (continuous rating)250watts
Sports ControlNo
Standard ControlYes
ControllerTwist Grip
Battery power9Ah or 11.4Ah
Horn – 140 Db “Hornit”Yes
Differential Drive to Rear Wheels (Power Assist Drives)Yes

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