A blue Fizz trike on a white background. The trike has a Carer Control and lateral supports on the seat.
A blue Fizz trike on a white background. The trike has a Carer Control and lateral supports on the seat.

Tomcat Fizz

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The Tomcat Fizz is a tough, stable, innovative road trike specifically engineered for children with learning or physical disabilities. Suitable for young people aged 3-16, Tomcat’s signature trike enables them to safely explore the world outdoors with its full range of Carer Controlled and independent features.

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The Fizz makes it possible for almost every child to ride a bike - even those with severe disabilities. That’s because it’s custom made to suit the individual needs of each child or family. What’s more, it’s not only great fun, but builds up strength and coordination, improving health in general.
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Its light, two-part frame easily comes apart for travel or storage, and the Fizz can even convert to a trailer-trike within seconds, creating joyful new opportunities for whole family activities.
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Two children standing astride bikes - one is traditional, one is a Tomcat trike - high-fiving.


  • Single speed trike with customisable drive ratio
  • Custom Built to each rider’s clinical and lifestyle requirements
  • Fixed Drive
  • Lightweight (14kg+)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Left or right handed Rider Brake
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  • Carer Control™ (steering and braking)
  • Carer Braking™ (Carer emergency braking strap)
  • Freewheel drive or Dual Drive options
  • Two-part, spanner free frame separation in seconds, for easy transportability and storage
  • Swivel Saddle™
  • Transfer step™
  • Dual Drive™ (Switchable between Fixed and Free-Wheel drive)
  • Trailer Trike™ Adaption as new or retro-fit
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  • Open or Strapped Footshoes or Footshoes with Callipers, for foot and leg support
  • Lap Strap and/or Pommel for pelvic support
  • Security Backrest (low support), upholstered backrest (high support), waist strap, and or side lateral pads for trunk and spinal support
  • Waist Strap, and/or harness for thoracic or waist support
  • Headrest or headrest with wings, for head and neck support
  • Bottle carrier, rear basket, mudguard and mitts options
  • Basket and Quick Release Basket Carrier
  • Bionic Buddy™ rechargeable battery drive system (3mph)
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An annotated CAD drawing of the Tomcat Fizz. Title reads: Tomcat Fizz. Subtitle reads: Popular Standard and Optional Features. Labels read: Full Carer Control; Variety of head, trunk and pelvic supports; Variety of handlebar options; Two Piece Quick Release Transportable Frame; Variety of foot and leg support options; Single speed drive with customised ratio and fixed freewheel or dual drive. Additional labels in green read: Bionic Buddy and Trailer Trike Ready; See below for the full range of features, accessories, and innovations.
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“Hi, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for my son, Callum’s trike. It is wonderful and he loves it, we have had great fun over the last few days for rides on it around the local village. We have even been for ice cream. I cannot thank you enough for the chance you have given my son to have the freedom and to feel like a normal little boy.”
Vicky Gouldbourn


The Fizz is the trike the Tomcat brand was built upon.  It was the world’s first disability trike to have Carer Control™ (allowing for steering and brake supervision when needed), a light, two-piece frame (for easy transport and storage), Trailer-Trike adaption (for family cycling), Dual Axle™ (switchable axle for training or sudden emergencies), and a Swivel Saddle (for easier accessibility).

Every Fizz is custom built to each child or family’s requirements, giving it a near 100% success rate and, in 2013, earning it a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

Purchasing the Fizz always begins with a personal assessment of individual needs.  Once we understand the challenges that you need the trike to overcome, we can customise your trike with a range of Tomcat innovations, or we’ll create a bespoke solution just for you.

For control and safety

Carer Control™ allows a parent or supervisor to both steer and brake from behind when needed, whilst the Carer Braking™ strap allows the child to take control whilst you apply the brake if needed.

For easy storage and transport

The Fizz’s light, two-part frame makes it stand apart from other large, bulky disability trikes.  Within a few seconds, you can take the trike apart into two pieces (and even remove the wheels if required) making it easy to transport in the family car, or to store away neatly at home.

For better accessibility

The Swivel Saddle™ and step system enables children to get on and off the Fizz without the need for manual handling.  By turning the saddle to the side and using the step to reach the correct height, children can sit and swivel into position much more easily.

For good days and bad days

The switchable Dual Axle™ means that children who need a fixed drive to cycle smoothly can switch to a freewheel drive – this enables free-wheel cycle training or assistance by being pushed home or towed.  This is ideal for children with complex medical needs such as epilepsy, heart or behavioural problems who may need assistance from time to time.  

For full family outings

Freewheel or Dual Axle trikes can also be easily converted to a Trailer-Trike™ meaning children can join in with their peers or family groups on longer outings.

Case Study

Sophie on her trike in the middle of a caravan park. She is dressed in a pink coat and helmet.

A form of independent physiotherapy for my child with disabilities

Sophie's parents started looking for bikes and trikes for the disabled and those with mobility issues to support their disabled daughter and continue the family's outdoor lifestyle.

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