A picture of a red Roadhog with lateral supports on a white background.
A child riding up the road in the rain on a green Tomcat Roadhog.
A picture of a red Roadhog with lateral supports on a white background.
A child riding up the road in the rain on a green Tomcat Roadhog.

Tomcat Roadhog

From £1,239.00*

The Roadhog is a clever, agile, multi-speed trike for more able riders. Children with mild disabilities yet good strength and grip will love the freedom and potential offered by the speedy Roadhog.

*Not model shown.
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This trike uses Tomcat’s unique Make and Break innovation to allow it to be fully transportable by separating into two pieces despite the interconnecting complexities of the gear change mechanism. It makes it more compact and practical than other disability trikes on the market, and even enables it to convert to a Trailer Trike for family bike rides.
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A mother and daughter on a sunny day, both with sunglasses on. They're both smiling at the camera.


  • Suitable for children aged 3+
  • Each trike has average lifespan of 4 to 5 years’ growth
  • Custom designed to suit individual disabilities
  • Therapeutic benefits for improving strength, coordination and spatial awareness
  • Swivel Saddle™ option for easy access
  • Carer Control™ (steering and braking) or Carer Braking™ options
  • Freewheel, multi speed trike 
  • Lightweight (15kg+)
  • Two-part frame with Make and Break™ system for easy transportability and storage
  • Trailer Trike™ adaptation available
  • Strapped foot shoes and leg support options
  • Cushioned backrest, trunk and head support options
  • Thoracic harness, cushioned laterals, waist and lap strap options
  • Bottle carrier, rear basket, mudguard and mitts options
  • Rechargeable battery drive system options
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An annotated CAD image of a Tomcat Dragonfly. Title reads: Tomcat Dragonfly. Subtitle reads: Popular Standard/option features. Labels read: Handlebar-mounted gear-changer; Two-Piece Quick-Release Transportable Frame; Variety of foot and leg support options; 5 Speed Hub Drive; Variety of trunk supports. Additional labels in green reads: See below for the full range of features, accessories, and innovations; Bionic Buddy and Trailer Trike ready.
A child riding up the road in the rain on a green Tomcat Roadhog.
"Thank you so much Martin for setting up Scott’s bike properly. I’m not sure if I told you, but Scott’s riding skills are even more impressive when you know he can’t stand, walk or crawl independently – he’s only just managed to sit by himself for short periods!"


The Roadhog is based upon Tomcat’s famous Fizz trike which offers Carer Control™ (allowing for steering and brake supervision when needed), a light, two piece frame (for easy transport and storage), Trailer-Trike adaption (for family cycling) and a Swivel Saddle (for easier accessibility).

This trike, however, features a 5 speed drive which enables more able children to cycle with more agility and speed.  Every Roadhog trike is made to measure so we always begin with a personal assessment of individual needs.  Once we understand the challenges you need the trike to overcome, we can customise your trike with a range of Tomcat innovations, or we’ll create a bespoke solution just for you.

For control and safety

Optional Carer Control™ allows a parent or supervisor to both steer and brake from behind when needed, whilst the Carer Braking™ strap allows the rider to take control whilst you apply the brake if needed.

For easy storage and transport

The Roadhog’s light, two part frame and our innovative Make and Break™ system means it stands apart from other large, bulky disability trikes.  Within a few seconds, you can take the trike apart into two pieces, despite the complex multi speed gear controls making it easy to transport in the family car, or to store away neatly at home.

For hassle-free maintenance and use

The unique design of the Roadhog means only one chain is required between the pedals and the hub which is built into the axle itself.  This makes the trike much lighter, faster, smoother to ride and easier to maintain.

For better accessibility

The Swivel Saddle™ and step system enables children to get on and off the Roadhog  without the need for manual handling.  By turning the saddle to the side and using the step to reach the correct height, children can sit and swivel into position much more easily.

For full family outings
The Roadhog can also be easily converted to a Trailer-Trike™ meaning children can join in with their peers or family groups on longer outings.

Case Study

Four children on a forest cycling trail, all with bikes. Joe is on the left on a Tomcat trike. They are all smiling at the camera.

From trike to bike – Joe’s jubilant journey

Joe was able to use his tomcat trike to help with his mobility issues and build confidence to the point where he transitioned to a traditional bicycle.

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