An image of the Tomcat Tiger on a white background. The trike is red, with head, chest and lateral supports, and a Carer Control handle.
An image of the Tomcat Tiger on a white background. The trike is red, with head, chest and lateral supports, and a Carer Control handle.

Tomcat Tiger

From £665.00*

The Tomcat Tiger is designed specifically for young children or those with a restricted growth condition to pedal easily and comfortably, either independently or under supervision. The Tiger’s purposefully narrow pedal spacing provides the perfect leg span for a small pelvis, promoting natural, geometric support for hips, legs and knees, usually without the need for calipers.

*Not model shown.
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On the Tiger trike, steering, braking and drive mechanisms are all enclosed within the frame, making them service and maintenance free for life. Unlike other disability trikes or mainstream products, the Tiger looks great, encourages correct posture and can be optimised to assist all abilities.
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A child on a Tomcat Tiger cycling along a boardwalk up to the Olympic stadium. There is an adult behind holding the Carer Control.


  • Suitable for small children from 18 months to 4 years old or those with growth conditions such as acondroplasia
  • Available in two sizes, small (12” wheels) and large (14” wheels)
  • Narrow pedal span to suit a small child’s pelvis
  • Saddle profile, ideally suited to a child’s pelvis
  • Geometrically designed to create the best posture for healthy development
  • Smooth, silent and friction free belt drive
  • All Steering, Braking and Drive mechanisms enclosed within the frame
  • Totally maintenance free design  
  • Fully adjustable handlebars
  • Right or Left positioned rider brake.
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  • Full Carer Control™ (Full steering, braking and speed control by the carer)
  • Carer Braking™ (Emergency Braking by the carer when needed)
  • Open or Strapped Footshoe’s or Footshoe’s with Callipers, for foot and leg support
  • Lap Strap and/or Pommel for pelvic support
  • Security Backrest (low support), upholstered backrest (high support), waist strap, and or side lateral pads for trunk and spinal support
  • Waist Strap, and/or harness for thoracic or waist support  
  • Headrest or headrest with wings, for head and neck support
  • Mitts for hands support 
  • Bottle carrier
  • Rear basket with Quick Release Carrier
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An annotated CAD image of the Tomcat Tiger. Title reads: Tomcat Tiger. Labels read: Carer Control; variety of head, chest and trunk supports; Pommel and pelvic supports; Two sizes; Totally maintenance-free design; Belt drive; fully-enclosed drive, braking and Carer-control systems; Variety of foot and leg supports; park brake. Additional label in green reads: See below for the full range of features, accessories, and innovations.
A young child strapped onto a Tomcat Tiger, smiling at the camera.
"Thank you so much for Harry’s new Tiger Trike. Despite his reaction at his fitting, he absolutely loves his trike which is providing his first taste of independent mobility. At last we are able to enjoy being in the big outdoors as a family. It is also a huge talking point with passers-by, who all want to know where we got it. Thanks again."
Harry, Hilary, and Paul Flynn


The Tiger is among the smallest special needs trikes on the market.  Created specifically for young children, its design supports a natural posture making it the perfect therapy tool for growing bodies.

To do this we invented a brand new crank and pedal system.  No suitable part exists in the marketplace for such young people, so we needed to build a smaller component, allowing for narrower pelvises.  This unique bit of kit aligns children’s legs in the correct position, avoiding the pitfalls of wider, mass market pedal systems which force the feet apart and create other postural problems.

Our solution moves away from the traditional design, encasing the mechanism inside a smart central unit.  This protects the components making the Tiger very reliable and maintenance free.

This central unit also supports our Carer Control™ or Carer Braking™ system which allows a parent or supervisor to both steer and brake if required.  The control handle and carer strap brake can be installed and removed in moments, offering independence and supervision.

As with all our trikes, the Tiger will be manufactured and fitted to your child’s specific requirements – both in terms of size and ability. 

Despite these unique innovations, the Tomcat Tiger looks like a regular trike, giving children an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors just like everyone else.

Case Study

Two young girls on bikes/trikes. Penny is at the back, on a pink Tomcat Tiger that has streamers on the handlebars and Carer Control. The girl in front is older and is on a bike with stabilisers and a basket. Both are looking at the camera and smiling.

Choosing the right trike for a child with special needs

Technical Specification

Sizing Chart

Approx min AgeMin inside legMax inside leg
Tiger Small1.5+30cm39cm
Tiger Large3+38cm47cm

Technical Spec

Small TigerLarge Tiger
Overall Length *95cm98cm
Overall Width66cm66cm
Height Seat to Ground *41cm50cm
Height handlebar to Ground58cm67cm
Wheel Size12.5"14"
Trike Weight *10.5kg11.5kg
Max User Weight20kg20kg
* Measurement for basic model, this value will change depending on the specification chosen.

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