Tomcat Chair


The Tomcat Chair allows ambulant and semi-ambulant users to sit independently at standard desks and workstations in home, school, or workplace environments. The way we use a conventional chair - by pulling it out from the table and bending down into a squat whilst drawing the chair in underneath - can pose difficulties for some people.
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Whilst many of us may take this ability for granted, it is impossible to do without assistance for people with short stature, muscle weakness, or coordination and balance issues. A purpose built chair like the Tomcat chair offers a complete solution.
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  • Provides fully independent seating for those with stature, balance, coordination or strength issues such as Achondroplasia or Cerebral Palsy
  • Available to suit two table height ranges of 63 to 73cm and 73 to 91cm
  • Single lever transitions from fully mobile to fully locked feet in seconds
  • Fully upholstered seat and backrest for comfort and support
  • Up to 100kg user weight
  • Suitable for user height of 65cm to 180cm
  • Designed to work with old and modern style school tables and desks
  • 15cm of backrest depth adjustment
  • Winner of the prestigious Business Link SMART Award 2005.
  • Optionally available with fully width adjustable lateral arms, and/or lateral supports. Also waterproof or lambswool seat covers.
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“Fantastic equipment and fantastic people. Cannot recommend them enough!!”


The Tomcat chair is unique in the way it functions and is an innovation in itself.  Once moved to its working position, its five legged base is locked in position with a single lever action, and not moved again until transferred to another location.  

The user is able to access the chair in this position without needing to move it at all, because the seat and backrest swivel to the side whilst the user is getting on and off.  When seated, the user simply pulls a lever to operate the swivel mechanism, rotating the chair from sideways to the working position.  A footrest is provided that is fully adjustable for height, slope and extension.  A retractable step is also provided for high desks and tables, or for restricted growth conditions.

With these features, the Tomcat chair is able to break the complex action of sitting into four independently and easily managed steps.

  1. Using the lateral arms as a steady, the user steps onto the step (if needed), turns, and sits comfortably.
  2. The user pulls on the swivel lever which can be positioned to the right or left of the seat and at a variety of heights to suit the user’s stature.
  3. The user swivels the seat to the working position where it locks automatically.
  4. The user places their feet on the footrest and begins work. 

At no time does the chair need to be adjusted or moved and getting off is just a reversal of the above procedure.  

The Tomcat chair has proved itself to be an effective way for children and adults alike, to frequently sit and stand during the working day, fully independently, and without the need for a carer or classroom assistant.  This gives the user much valued independence and frees up precious resources.  

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