A small black shoe with a cream-coloured lining, small camo pattern, and a small device on the back to lace it up.

Twister Explorer XP01 (TMP)



The innovative splints ankle boots

The TWISTER splints ankle boots are designed for fully independent use by AFO, DAFO and splint users. Also those with reduced mobility or grip would greatly benefit by wearing the Twisters. Thanks to its tilting rear heel, you can completely open up the shoe and, consequently, simply slip the foot in almost as easily as into a slipper. The Twister’s clever BOA lacing system then closes the tilting heel and adjusts the shoe to fit the foot perfectly. Consequently, there are no pressure points on the instep which are commonplace with laces and velcro. With the simplicity of its lacing system the user can fit and lace the shoe with just one hand.

How do they work?

Just  pull out the dial, open the spoiler and slip the foot in; push the dial back in and turn it clockwise to close thus adapting the shoe to the foot.

Some Twisters models have a rear dial, some have a lateral one which probably represents the best choice for wheelchair users or those who have limited autonomy. In addition, those wearing just one splint will probably not need to look for odd sized or custom-made shoes anymore, as the Twisters would adapt even in these circumstances. The clever lacing system will make the shoe fit like a glove and if there is still some room to fill, you can use the spacers which come with the shoes . The Twisters are also suitable for additional shaped and orthopaedic insoles (not included).


  • Plain or perforated calf lining;
  • Sheep skin lining available on winter models to keep the foot cosy and warm;
  • Flat heel gives increased stability for those who are not walking independently and/or those who wear non-dynamic splints;
  • Rolling heel  helps those who are walking independently with a normal gait (stance and swing phase) and/or those who wear dynamic splints/dafo;
  • FLEXY option for those who need the EVA outsole to be more flexible;

The Twister shoes are made to order therefore delivery to you can take 4 to 5 weeks from purchase.

The Twisters splints shoes are made in Italy.

Additional Information

Easy Up
Rear entry spoiler
Made in Italy
Lateral Dial Boa®
Rear Dial Boa®
Non-slip Vibram