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Slumber Time – A Transportable Safety Bed

Designed to keep your child safe & secure whilst they sleep!

The Slumber time safety bed has been designed as an affordable quality product for holiday and sleepovers which is easy to set-up and can be used as a standalone bed. The package Includes an air mattress, aluminium frame, tent, air pump, travel bed with easy to read instructions.

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Noah has been sleeping in it for the last two nights and She loves it. She can go on sleepovers again and be safe at night.

Slumber Time Features

  • Tough, lightweight aluminium frame
  • Fire resistant fabric and mesh
  • Totally secure external zips
  • Anti-topple base
  • Tool-free assembly in minutes
  • double or treble stitched seams
  • Exterior stitched for safety
  • Includes air mattress
  • Travels free on planes and trains
  • Transport Bag included 120cm x 25cm x 23cm
  • Weighs only 10kg
  • CE certificated, 2-year guarantee

Not suitable for:

person <75cm – >140cm, person >55kg

Available in four colours:

Black/Green, Black/Pink, Black/Blue, Black/White

Slumber Time story

Femke is our daughter she is happy, kind, energetic…and she also has Angelman Syndrome.

With her Angelman syndrome comes particular challenges, so she needs aids during her day-to-day life. Over the last few years we have discovered that not all existing aids met her needs, so we started making simple, small adjustments to Femke’s aids. And from there on we started to develop our own products: we just needed to think outside the box.

Two years ago we ran into the problem that she did not fit in the travel cot any more so she could not go on sleepovers at her grandparent’s house as a normal bed just didn’t suit her.

We started looking at travel bed solutions that were already available, although they were absolutely beautiful they were totally out of our budget range.  So the only solution we could find was to try and build something ourselves. All we wanted was a travel bed that is affordable, sturdy, safe and easy to transport – so Femke could go on sleepovers and we could go on vacation.

After many trial and errors, we finally built ‘Slumber Time’ as it is today. And of course, we have our own in-house tester our wonderful daughter Femke and her equally lovely friends and their parents –  it has been a huge success.

The parents love it because it weighs less than 10 kg, easy to set up, fits into any car. The kids love it because it is their own little space in which they can rest, sleep and shut out the rest of the world when needed.

We’re very excited about the new partnership with Tomcat; there are so many synergies between the two organisations, with a shared understanding of the community we serve.

Designed to keep your child safe & secure 

An affordable quality product
For holiday and sleepovers
* Includes air mattress, aluminium frame, tent, air pump & travel bed
Easy to set up, can be used as a stand-alone bed
* Easy to transport in a car or on a plane
CE certified

Price £1,999

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