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    Community projects

    Our mission at Tomcat is to innovate new products that benefit the disabled community therefore it’s a natural part of our company philosophy to involve the disabled community in what we do as much as possible.  We thought you’d like to know a few of the ways we achieve that.  As well as our own disabled employees, we are pleased to be involving community projects in a variety of ways.


    County Enterprises. 

    County Enterprises is a Worcester based workshop employing disabled people with wide ranging skills.  Some beautiful engineering is achieved there, including our upholstery, trailer and braking assemblies and building of our wheels tyres and tubes.  When we say British Made, we really do mean it!


    Care First. 

    Care First is an exciting new project for us that will eventually involve Care Firsts service users at their several centres in Birmingham and Tamworth, not just with assembly and manufacture, but also by providing Care Firsts recreational facilities with Tomcat products for the enjoyment of their service users.

    Perhaps most exciting of all is that Care First will be a major partner in the region, providing not just recreational facilities, but servicing and product assessment services too.  We feel sure that our customers in the region who will enjoy seeing the disabled community supporting itself in such a life changing way and fulfilling way.


    As with all our social partnerships, contentment really does come from achievement, and therein lies the synergy between Tomcat and the many social organisations we work with, be they hospitals, CDC’s, specialist schools or adult community projects such as those we have mentioned.  If you would like to explore ways we could help your own interest group please call us on 01452 616900.