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    Rehacare 2018 – Become a part of our world

    Rehacare 2018 – Become a part of our world
    3rd August 2018 Nazia White

    Become a part of our World
    Join our expanding Network of distributors

    About Rehacare:

    REHACARE is the leading international trade fair for rehabilitation, prevention, inclusion and care.

    With over 30 years of expertise and wide-ranging experience of the market, this fair is an ideal platform for anyone with disabilities, care requirements or chronic conditions as well as for the elderly. The quality and diversity of REHACARE are reflected in numerous “focal parks”, info events, industry representatives, service providers, paying authorities and non-profit exhibitors.

    Over 900 national and international exhibitors will be presenting a combination of product demonstrations and complex system solutions as well as a wide range of information in the form of special theme parks, seminars and workshops.

    About Tomcat

    Tomcat is the largest supplier of special needs tricycles in the UK, supplying an average of 700 tricycles to children of all abilities year on year.  What is remarkable is that each trike for the home market is custom made. Our success rate is near 100% despite the severity of some disabilities and that is how we are able to offer our home market a full refund guarantee if they are not completely satisfied.

    Custom building has been the key to Tomcat’s prolific innovation over the last ten years, and we lead not just the UK but the world in our ability to help almost any child to cycle.  Our Rear Steering, for example, has been mimicked by manufacturers worldwide but if you know special needs tricycles you will know that nothing comes close to Tomcat’s “Carer Control”, our signature innovation:


    But innovation is not everything!  Customer service is every bit as important and we pride ourselves on giving our customers the very best service possible whether they are private, agent or distributor, and not just during the sale, but throughout the life of the product.

    We constantly strive to improve our products, not just through innovation but through quality and reliability, because few things are more important than reliability to our export partners.  The latest Tiger Trike, for example, is entirely maintenance free whilst all other products require little more than cleaning and chain lubrication:


    Tomcat is based in Gloucestershire, England where we have just under 20 employees.  All our tricycle products are entirely British made, either in our own factory or by UK specialists who produce parts for us, however, all our products are designed, planned and assembled in our workshops.

    Come and visit us on stand 4E48 





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