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    Tomcat Apprentice Arrow

    Tomcat Apprentice Arrow
    5th June 2020 Nazia White

    Tomcat Apprentice Arrow

    A road trike for riders with mild to profound and multiple disabilities. Suitable for ages 7 – 14 years

    BASIC MODEL £1,711.00*

    *Price applicable to UK mainland only. Base model not shown.

    The Apprentice Arrow is a low sitting, highly stable, single-speed trike for riders of (approx) 7 to 14 years, who may require supervisory assistance with steering, braking or speed control. It features either a fixed drive, free-wheel drive or a combination of both those features, combined in a Tomcat innovation called Dual Axle™, (a switchable axle drive).

    Like all Arrow models, it can be fully accessorised, with foot, leg, trunk and head supports.  Typical options might include Full Carer Control or Carer Braking, removable basket, transportable “Two-Piece Frame”, removable seat, removable rear wheels, Trike to Trailer conversion (45 sec’s) and Tomcats latest innovation, the Bionic Buddy; a non pedalling, power assist accessory for supervised trikes that makes light work of the steepest hills.

    Start your own lifestyle revolution with the Arrow Apprentice from the Tomcat Arrow Range!

    Standard Features
    • Adjustable Seat position (15cm)
    • Adjustable Footrest position (15cm)
    • Front calliper and rear disc brakes
    • Deep cushioned seat and backrest.
    • Park Brake

    Optional Features

    Riding and Access
    • Bionic Buddy electric power-assist – 0 to 5 kph, (no pedalling required)
    • Quick Adjust Sliding Seat (For multi-users or easier access)
    • Quick Adjust Telescopic cranks  (For multi-users or easier transport)
    • Swivel Seat and Backrest (For safer, easier access)
    • Full postural accessories
    • Removable Shopping Basket and basket carrier
    • Safety Pack, including Front and Rear Lighting and Safety Flag

    Transportation and storage
    • Quick Release, Two-Piece frame
    • Quick Release Seat
    • Quick Release Rear Wheels
    • Quick Release Foot Supports
    • Folding Handlebars






    (Base Model)

    Apprentice Arrow
    Approximate Minimum User Age 7 years
    Approximate Maximum User Age 14years
    Approximate Minimum User Height 115cm
    Approximate Maximum User Height 160cm
    Maximum User Weight 100kg
    Technical Spec
    Overall Length – Rotor/Junior Rotor. 178cm
    Overall Width – Rotor / Junior Rotor 74cm
    Seat Height to Ground * 60cm
    Overall Height to Ground * 98cm to 110cm
    Wheel Size Front / Rear 16” x 20”
    Trike Weight * 24kg
    Crank Length 150mm
    Gearing 8 speed Shimano Inter8 Hub Yes
    Braking Front V Brake / Rear Discs Yes
    Power Assist Off-road Only
    Motor power (continuous rating) 250watts
    Sports Control No
    Standard Control Yes
    Controller Twist Grip
    Battery power 9Ah or 11.4Ah
    Horn – 140 Db “Hornit” Yes
    Differential Drive to Rear Wheels (Power Assist Drives) Yes

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