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    Arrow Hand Propelled Trike

    Arrow Hand Propelled Trike
    20th July 2019 Nazia White

    The Arrow Rotor is a “single” or “multi-speed” HandCycle, designed with children and wide-ranging abilities in mind

    BASIC MODEL £2,847.00

    *Price applicable to UK mainland only. Base model not shown.

    The Junior Rotor is an outstandingly versatile hand propelled trike for children and teenagers with wide ranging physical challenges, or for those who simply want to enjoy safe hand cycling.

    Thanks to its weight saving construction, the Junior is equally at home with the daily school run or the more adventurous sports and leisure activities.

    Its sensible seat height and sitting posture combines superb stability and natural pedalling position, with easy wheelchair transfer and excellent, “see and be seen”, visibility.

    The Junior Rotors thermally insulated handgrips incorporate an 8 speed Shimano gear shifter and front and rear brakes for simple, safe, and immediate control of everything!

    For users who live in hilly areas, love long journeys, or just want to be kind to their muscles and joints, we offer two choices of motor power assist from our German partners, Ansmann AG.  A fast and responsive “sports” package for performance use, and a “standard” package for gentler acceleration and response.  Each features the same high-power 250watt drive but with the user control that suits you.   Each system features a 4mph “easy start” button to get you going, and either digital or throttle, type, speed control to power you to the legal max of 15.5mph (28kph).

    Thanks to Tomcats award winning “Quick Release” technology that divides a frame in seconds, the Junior is the most transportable hand propelled trike in the world and with added options such as “press button” seat and wheel release, the Junior is incredibly quick and easy to store or transport.

    With the Junior Rotors wide range of options and accessories, and Tomcats reputation for customised solutions, you can be sure there is a Junior Rotor that’s perfect for you.


    “The Tomcat Bullet trike gives me a feeling of joy when I ride it and now I can ride on my own and go anywhere I want to!

    Sue Willis, resident at Leonard Cheshire residential care home”

    Sizing Chart
    Approx min Age Min height Max height
    Junior Rotor 7 years 115cm 160cm
    Technical Spec
    Junior Rotor
    Overall Length * 178cm
    Overall Width 74cm
    Height Seat to Ground * 60cm
    Height handlebar to Ground * 115cm
    Wheel Size 16″x20″
    Trike Weight * 24kg
    Max User Weight 100kg
    * Measurement for basic model, this value will change depending on the specification chosen.


    Standard Features

    • Adjustable Seat position (15cm)
    • Adjustable Footrest position (15cm)
    • Adjustable crank height (10cm)
    • 8 speed Shimano hub with “Revo” gear selector
    • V Brake front and disc brake rear
    • Deep cushioned seat and backrest.
    • Self-Levelling pedals with instep straps
    • Park Brake

    Optional Features

    Riding and Access
    • Electric Power Assist
    • Quick Adjust Sliding Seat (For multi users or easier access)
    • Quick Adjust Sliding Footrest (For multi users or easier transport)
    • Duplex “Hand AND Foot” drive
    • Swivel Seat and Backrest (For safer, easier access)
    • Gutter Type Leg Supports
    • Full postural accessories
    • Removable Shopping Basket and basket carrier.
    • Safety Pack, including Front and Rear Lighting and Safety Flag

    Transportation and storage.
    • Quick Release, Two Piece frame
    • Quick Release Seat.
    • Quick Release Rear Wheels
    • Quick Release Foot Supports or Gutters


    Back rest

    Foot shoes with straps

    Foot shoes with leg support

    Tomcat hand mitts

    Head support

    Lap strap

    Our latest innovations


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